Welcome to Darling Downs.

This is my first blog site and I am quite excited about blogging away about all the things happening at Darling Downs.  I am also excited about hearing from you and sharing our ideas and stories.

Darling Downs is situated in Western Victoria, Australia.  We are about 3 1/2 hours west of Melbourne.

We have lived here for almost 5 years and each morning we wake up feeling blessed to live where we live.  We are true country folk and enjoy the quiet life.

At present we are running a mixture of dairy cows and highland cattle.  We milk daily and make our own cheese (posts to follow).  We have crossbred sheep and heritage breed pigs.  We are also raising our own chickens for eggs and meat, and are endeavouring to farm meat rabbits as well.   We have our own bee swarms and use our own honey throughout the year.

We have a desire to be as self sufficient as we can and we love to make everything if possible.  At the moment we have our own meat, milk and cheese and are always trying to grow our own vegetables.  We feel that our children need to know where their food comes from and also that they don’t need to go to the supermarket for everything.

In saying all this, we are still learning and we often make mistakes.

And we labour, working with our own hands.  1 Corinthians 4:12a










  1. Hi to all at Darling Downs! I came across your blog whilst researching keeping yabbies as pets. I’m very interested in your farm, as you seem to have so much going on! How much land do you have? My father passed away last year and left me 60 acres in Northern NSW, which we are trying to figure our what to do with! At the moment we have 30 dorper cross Australian white sheep, 7 Isa brown hens and 5 dogs.
    God surely is wonderful and blesses us every day!
    Kindest regards, Rebel

    1. Hi Rebel, sorry for the late reply. 60 acres sounds like a blessing that’s about what we have, a little more though. You can do so much and it’s so exciting especially now that spring is nearly here. Deepest sympathies on the passing on your father, that’s tough. We use to have sheep and with having a shearer as a son it was great but he is now married and has moved far enough away that it’s hard to co-ordinate shearing times so we now only have cattle. Our daughter and her husband do the sheep and goats so there is always plenty of meat to go around. You could have a look at Joel Salatin and Polyface Farming he has some great ideas and would be well worth the look. My husband is very keen on his farming methods, rotational grazing etc. If you’d like we could converse over email and not over the blog so send me your email address if you like.
      God Bless you

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