Our vegetables are growing and it is so exciting to see them poking their heads out of the soil.  The weather is warming up and my husband has been busy trying to get some base moisture in the vegetable patch.

The first lot of tomatoes that we planted.
These are the first tomatoes that we planted in late October.  They have done really well and are quite sturdy now.  They really benefited from the early warm days that we had.

The first lot of potatoes.
The first lot of potatoes.

The potatoes are coming up and are just about ready for their first weeding.  My husband is going to use a rotary hoe to go down in between them, quite shallow, to loosen off the weeds.


IMG_0391[1]We’ve now planted another 240 tomatoes so that makes 300 (about) all up.  These tomatoes are planted in raised beds using the machine in the picture below.  We have had this seedling planter for years now and used it originally to plant broccoli which was sold overseas.


Hopefully we will get enough tomatoes to bottle, eat fresh (yum) and sell.  Maybe we could pay for a holiday – who knows!!!


My husband planted a heap of corn and that is what is green in the picture above.  It is coming up in the rows really well, it is great to eat fresh buttered corn straight from the paddock.


A view across the patch, it does look a bit bare now but hopefully in a month I will be able to show you the same view with heaps of green growth.


Our beautiful plum tree in the front yard, it is absolutely loaded.

IMG_0399[1]Well I hope that has given you a bit of an idea of what is happening on the vegetable side of things here at Darling Downs.

We are only 2 weeks off receiving our first lot of 100 Silver Perch fish for our aquaponic system, so Graeme is busily trying to get that organised now.  Unfortunately it is the busy season for his work with balers and headers and other machinery breaking down and needing him straight away, so he is going to try and take a day off to get into it and get it finished.

Well that’s our update for now, may your life be full of Gods goodness where ever you are.





  1. I know it isn’t Christian to be jealous, but I’m envious of all those lovely things you have growing! And the warm weather! 🙂

    You have a very nice garden growing, and beautiful trees there!

      1. How about we trade then???? We’re expecting up to 3 inches of snow today, and it’s been bitterly cold the past week! It’s usually about 10C here this time of year, but it’s been 1.1 C to -11 C. (50 F normally, 30 and down to 13 or 14 F lately). But should be back to “normal” by next week. 🙂

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