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In my Good Morning Mondays post last week I mentioned that we were going to a turkey farm to look at the processing of turkeys, we also discussed the politics and paperwork involved with the whole process.  If you want to look at where we went you can click here.

We have been talking about getting some turkeys from this same place one day when we went there, so we took the opportunity and bought home three of them.

Here is the Sweetgrass Gobbler.


Here is the three of them together.

288We got a Sweetgrass gobbler and hen and a Pencilled Slate hen.  The Pencilled Slate hen is the one on the right of the picture and a plain grey colour.

These are heritage breed turkeys and they are lovely looking birds.  I can’t remember how old they were but the owner said they should start laying in August.

They wouldn’t sit still for me to take a picture but I finally managed to get all three of them together.

We have put them in the chook (chicken) house with the chooks and they seem to have settled in well.  We kept them locked up for 4 days and have let them out now and they are wandering around the back yard with the chooks.  They go back in each night and have settled in really well.

We were concerned about how the roosters would be with them, but they are bigger than the roosters and chickens so they have left them alone.

We couldn’t believe how big the turkeys were that this farm had. The commercial breeds were enormous and it was fascinating to watch the two workers butcher, pluck and gut them.

We learned a lot that day and it was even better to spend 4 hours in the car together discussing all the things we can do around the farm.

Do you keep turkeys, if so what type and how many???