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Our oldest daughter says that I am soppy and mushy and well, I just can’t help it.

I am 47 years old and married to the best man ever, I have 4 children here and 2 babies waiting in Heaven, 2 granddaughters and another grandchild on the way.

I never thought that I would ever get married, let alone have children and grandchildren.  I never thought that there would be the perfect man for me, but I have been so blessed.

We have had some terribly tough years and those when we were first married were the hardest, but we stayed true to each other and with God we battled our way through them and now, well boy it’s great.

My husband and I have been through the loss of two babies, one miscarriage and one stillbirth, and that alone has softened our hearts.

You may think that I am mushy but he is much worse, but I just love that about him. I love that the loss of our children has meant as much to him as to me and that he was able to share his pain with me. Through this time we have grown so much closer.

We have a grown son who is a delight and I am still privileged to homeschool two more children for at least another 10 years. I really thought I would be an empty nester and if God didn’t have his way I would have been.

Now none of our children or ourselves are perfect – we are so far from it that you can only see perfection through strongly adjusted binoculars, and those binoculars are held by Jesus through which God sees us.14476534727_7e0a744eca_q

He has blessed us abundantly, not with wealth or ready money, but with each other and the means to help others.

That’s what life is all about, God, family and others, not about riches of gold or a big bank balance.

So if all of the above makes me soppy and mushy, well so be it.

I apologise to all of you who have to read my soppy posts and and I’m sorry oldest daughter but I will continue to write great things about you and your wonderful family, your father and siblings because in Jesus’ eyes and mine you are all just perfect.

No 2 son with No 1 granddaughter


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