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I wanted to share with you all how much God has blessed my husband these past few months.

My husband is what we call a “farming contractor”. That means that he travels all around our district working for farmers fixing and building things they can’t. Mostly he really enjoys his work and finds great pleasure in being able to fix something that someone else can’t.

He has, for the last 12 years had a twin cab Rodeo ute with a canopy on the back which has housed his tools.  This vehicle, for a fair while was also our family car taking us to church and town shopping. This Rodeo has done an amazing job and we have been really blessed by it, but the tools were all over the place and just not organised.


At times this has been frustrating for my husband and of some difficulty when he can’t find things, unfortunately we didn’t have any money to buy him another vehicle.

One of our neighbours had this four wheel drive ute under some trees on his farm and our son bought it so that he could use the motor to replace the one in his ute (the vehicles are the same).

They then decided that it was too good a vehicle to just take the motor out and then trash the body so my husband decided that it would make a great work vehicle.  Our son bought this vehicle for $400.

My husband with his ute, he has just finished putting in air bags so that the vehicle rides and carries the weight of his tools better.

It did sit here for quite a few months until we had enough cash to get a road worthy on it and there was very little work that needed to be done. It needed new windscreen wipers and some wiring fixing up and the spiders evicted and that was all.  This is quite amazing considering the 3 years it had sat under the trees at our neighbours place.

My husband bought the canopy at a clearing sale (farm sale) years ago and it has been sitting in the yard since we moved here about 5 years ago. It has canvas sides that roll back and brackets that take trays that slide in and out.

He has put everything in there and it looks great. It is all organised and in its place. It carries his generator and air compressor, he has a place to carry excess fuel, it is just fantastic.

It is so great to see him so excited about this vehicle and for no more than $700 he has gotten it on the road. This is amazing.

God cares about everything we do and everything we need, sometimes we just need to wait for Him to move and I suppose when you don’t have the money all you can do is wait, and guess what, it means even more then.


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