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I must admit when the rubber hits the road it is easier to write about our Christian journey than to live it.


When we write about it, we can make it shine, we can imagine that we are almost there. Then the rubber hits the road.

It seems almost as soon as we have written about it we are challenged by that same thing.

The rubber hits the road.

When we talk about how God is blessings us with our finances and helping us make ends meet the ends start getting further apart and work starts to drop off and then we struggle to pay all the bills.

The rubber hits the road.

When we write about how God has brought us to a place where we are happy a place where we are content with our lives, discontentment starts to rear it’s ugly head.

The rubber hits the road.

When we write about our vitality for life and how excited we are with our homeschooling studies for our children. The vitality wanes and we find ourselves tired.

The rubber hits the road.

I am not saying that what I have been writing about has been lies or life isn’t as good as what I have said.  Our life is good, when you look past the everyday struggles that we all seem to face.

When we are challenged, the rubber hits the road, that is part of a good life because we are then challenged to rely on God more and more and less of ourselves.

So if I need to be challenged to rely on God and loose myself (dare I say it) I am willing to be challenged and molded, because I am nothing and God is everything and I want to rely on Him.

When the rubber hits the road, God comes along and scrapes me up and gives me more things to write about and hopefully it will be new things and new challenges.

Hopefully I will have learnt from the last scraping up and I won’t have to be challenged by that again.

Here’s hoping.


Psalms 145:14 The LORD sustains all who fall And raises up all who are bowed down


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