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We were watching a DVD of the Waltons the other day and it was the one when the gypsies were around and spent time camping at the Walton’s house.

John Walton was talking to the gypsy father and they were discussing the fact that the gypsy family would travel all over the place and never had a place to settle down and to call home.

The gypsy father said that home to them wasn’t about a building or a place, but it was about family, about the people around them.

This definitely got me thinking,┬áhome isn’t about the building we live in. ┬áHome isn’t the size of our house or how many bedrooms we have.

Home isn’t about how many acres we live on or how many bathrooms we have.

Home is about the people around us, the people we love.

A house is built of brick and stone a home is built of love alone.

3003280674_9a2e2181d1_q (1)So don’t put the value of your home on the building but on the people around you that you love, that is family.

Blessings xxx



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