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After we finished butchering our bull calf (18 months old – not a baby calf) it was lovely to get a beef roast out of the freezer and put it in the slow cooker.

I think when we are  busy during the day our slow cookers can be our best friend and it is so great to be able to put something in it in the morning and be eating it for tea with very little fuss.

So I grabbed my roast and browned it in the smallest frypan I could find – why?? I’m not sure!!! It worked any way.

IMG_0652[1]While it was browning I chopped up some onion and some carrots and put them into the cooker with some water.

I did my carrots pretty big because it was going to be on all day. After the beef was browned I placed it on top of the vegetables and sprinkled it with salt and some dried chives.IMG_0653[1]I cooked it on high for 4 hours which was at about lunch time and then I turned it onto low for the rest of the afternoon.  By tea time it was beautiful.
IMG_0654[1]Here it is on a plate with the carrots.  I served it up with some cabbage and it was just delicious.

PS:  This slow cooker was my parents and they had it for years and it is my favourite and works well.  None of the newer ones I have bought or been given work as well as this one, unfortunately it isn’t quite big enough at times.