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This dish would have to be our no 2 daughters favourite meal. Creamy pasta with bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheese, and guess what, it is so easy.


I am a bit addicted to sourdough pasta at the moment and I find it quick and easy to make.

To make the pasta go here, otherwise you can use any store bought or home made pasta.

For the sauce here are the ingredients:

  • onion
  • bacon
  • mushrooms
  • cream/milk or evaporated milk
  • grated cheese
  • salt and pepper

You can make this mixture as large or small as you like.  If I am making this for our family of 5 I would only use 1 onion, a hand full of mushrooms and about 250 grams bacon.

All you need to do is fry up the chopped up onion, bacon and mushrooms until cooked, add salt and pepper to taste.  Add milk or cream, and stir until hot, add cheese and melt.

Mix pasta and sauce together and serve.

Note: I used milk from our own cow for this recipe so I didn’t need to add any cream.  I have also used evaporated milk if I have it on hand and this is also nice.




This is a quick easy dish, one that I make in my electric pressure cooker.



  • 250 grams bacon
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 1 capsicum
  • 1 onion
  • 1/2 head cauliflower
  • 1 can of champignons
  • 2 cups risotto rice
  • 1 tblsp chicken stock
  • 6 cups hot water
  • pinch salt

Brown bacon and vegetables in the pressure cooker until soft.


Add rice, chicken stock, salt and hot water and mix together.


Place lid on and cook on high pressure for 15 mins.  When done, release pressure and stir to combine.  When you open the pressure cooker there will be a bit of liquid on top, just stir the risotto and this will blend in.


Serve while hot and ENJOY!!

PS: you can really use any fresh vegetables you have and any meat. Chicken thighs would be a nice change as well.