I was in town the other morning with the children, doing some quick shopping to get some Christmas gifts ready.  What with a few relatives coming on Christmas day I want to make something special for them.  I know that they won’t expect anything, but I love to give.

Unfortunately this time of the year is always quite tight money wise, which is normally ok, but this morning it did get to me.

So I was in our local christian bookshop picking up some books and puzzles that I’d had put away for No 2 sons birthday (this week) and some Christmas gifts when it added up to more than what I expected, but then doesn’t it always!!!

I was a bit shocked I must admit at how much I had put away and was beginning to feel quite down about it.  I was mentally doing our budget when the lady at the counter, whom I know very well said that she had some bad news.

Now I immediately thought of her, but it was that a gentleman at church had passed away yesterday and was away from home and his family when it happened.

This really put my money problems (or lack of) into perspective.

Now if I really wanted to take the time and put my small problems into perspecitve more I could just look at the post linked up about Taylor McGinnis and the troubles she has been having (praise God for all he is doing there).  Or I could just think about the man on the news who ran over his 9 month old baby boy with a fork lift and how he must be feeling about that and the fact that his son died.

Wow lets really think about our problems and actually take the time to look around us and see how others are faring.  There is so much pain and suffering in this world, how bad is ours really.  And then if our pain and suffering is great let us remember who to turn to for strength and peace.

John 16:33 These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

I know that the man at church that passed away was a Christian and that he is now in his heavenly home, but I feel terrible for his wife and children and I pray that God will bless them and give them peace during this time.

I don’t know about the man on the news who ran over his son, I don’t know if he is a Christian but I pray that he will find some comfort during this awful period in his families life and that others will support them and come together to comfort them, without judging.

Thank you Lord for pulling me up and putting my problems into perspective, thank you that my problems are something you can handle in an instant and all I need to do is turn them over to you.


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20 thoughts on “LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE…”

  1. I figure that gaining perspective is what unclogs the openings by which we pass God’s grace through to others.

    Life experience has given me some striking perspectives, and I can usually hold them in my mind when there is the temptation to be petty, but there is a downside – they can make me humourless and somewhat arrogant.

    A kind of “I know reality, and you’re in a pipe-dream” sort of thing, which is far worse than not having perspective to begin with.

    Does that make sense? I’m quite ill as I am writing this, and it is very hard to concentrate on the words.

    1. Sorry I’ve been late replying Andrew. Yes it does make sense and I am sorry you are ill, I hope and pray that God will make you well and that you have a blessed Christmas. I know what you mean about the “I know reality” and it is hard sometimes to not let that come across, sometimes people have to have pipe dreams and try things without us trying to get them to see reality. Not an easy thing to do. May God bless you and your wife this Christmas.

  2. I’ve had those moments too….looking at the things going on in our lives, and then looking around at others and seeing that maybe ours isn’t so bad after all!

    For instance, I complain about some aches and pains, yet there’s a senior saint who has lost a leg to the top of the thigh due to infections, nearly died from thyroid cancer (and is now in remission I believe), and then broke his hand so that he can’t use his walker to move about–but each time the church doors are open and even for the extra bible publication ministries, he’s right there in his spot, and someone is always ready to help tend to him if need be. He’s fiesty and God has a reason for keeping him here despite all the setbacks.

    Another is a dear friend whose grandchild was born with SMH, which basically leaves the child unable to cough or expel anything from the lungs. Most die very young due to pneumonia. He is just over a year old, and been hospitalized so many times, this time he was sedated for 12 days and failed time off the ventilator and had to go to a bipap to breathe. His pictures she shares are of a bright eyes smiling little boy, and her son and daughter in law are holding up as well as can be expected. This makes me appreciate our own kids…and the little bumps in the road that happen……

    It’s all in perspective, isn’t it? When we look around, we can easily find others worse off than us….and that gives us chance to pray for them.

  3. Yes, it often takes a slap in the face like that to make us come around, doesn’t it? I’m glad your slap didn’t hurt too much…
    But I also know that God cares about our “minor” troubles too. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. It is so easy to lose sight of the good when our eyes are fixed on the temporal or the momentary, the troubling or the difficult. Even in the difficult moments of my life, God has always brought good out of them.
    Having a perspective that lines up with Christ’s view is always the best option.
    I am glad you were able to see that and share your journey.


  5. Hey, nice to find an Aussie neighbour! I’m in Toowoomba, QLD which is also the Darling Downs, there must be two of them. I’m a neighbour over at Fellowship Fridays,

    1. Hi Lizzy, my mum grew up in Ackland on the Downs and went to church in Greenwood. We live in Western Victoria and decided to name our property “Darling Downs”. We found a metal sign in my parents garage that said “Greenwoods”, so that is on the house, “Greenwoods” on “Darling Downs” is where we are. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  6. It’s a mystery how God’s invisible hand is like the wind on the sail
    He reminds us that we meet Him at the corner of Love and Sovereignty. We are better for keeping things in perspective. Blessings ~Chris~

  7. Thank you for reminding me that when I worry about things that happen that I must put this into perspective so thank you for sharing and reminding me that sometimes my problems aren’t that bad.

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