The other night my friend rang me and asked my husband and myself to go to a Trivia Night. Now as far as I was concerned we don’t do Trivia Nights, we don’t enjoy them. So I told my friend that we couldn’t come, that it wasn’t our thing.

When I got off the phone from my friend and was talking to my husband he said that if we had a baby sitter we would go.

I was amazed I didn’t realise that he enjoyed Trivia Nights, after all these years of marriage there was something that I didn’t know about it, I had assumed something else.

So what did I learn from this:

  1. Don’t decide not to do something on my own;
  2. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to enjoy yourself.

So as No 1 says I should never have said no to my friend, I should have asked my husband first. I usually¬†do this and when I don’t it is because we are “one” and I know what he would say. Basically we are normally so tuned into each other that I couldn’t get it wrong.

Well I definitely got it wrong this time.

My other lesson was that when you step out and do something that is not always comfortable for you to do, you can have a great time.

As my husband said we don’t have to go to the Trivia Night to answer questions, this wasn’t the main reason. We have to go to the Trivia Night to spend time with people we like. To enjoy our time together of fun and fellowship.

We did go to that Trivia Night because we were able to take the children and we had a wonderful time. Our table came equal third, we didn’t win and we didn’t come last, but again that doesn’t matter.

What mattered most was that we spent time with our friends and actually got to know them better along with the others on our table.

This night was truly a blessing.


PS. It was also pretty cool that when we got to the round on “The Bible” our No 2 daughter was able to answer most of the questions. Just as well she has been reading up. She was so thrilled.


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  1. What a wonderful blessing for all of you! We prefer to do things as a family, anyhow, so this would have suited us just fine. I know you were beyond proud of that sweet girl for being able to answer all of those questions! Bless her heart…and yours, too!! Sending you big hugs from the US!

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your sweet comment. We like to do things together as a family, always have and then it turns out to be an added blessings. Sounds like we are the same. Yes definitely beyond proud, you are right. Thanks for the hugs and sending them right back to you. Blessings

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