I really enjoy cooking for people, especially when they are having difficulty doing it themselves.

We seem to have quite a few people at our church who are suffering from cancer.  My heart goes out to them and their families, and my constant comment is all I can do is pray and cook.  There is nothing more we can do for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ than to care for them, our Church family really is our family.

I feel so blessed to be able to help people.  But I want to be humble with it as well and I like my husband to deliver the food, in that way he takes the praise and not me (otherwise pride can get in the way). I just want to know that the food tastes alright!!!

Sometimes I have doubts about my cooking abilities.  My family are always saying “that was great Mum”, but they love me and have to like it.  So it is hard to cook for someone, especially when you don’t know their tastes or whether they are fantastic cooks or not and whether your food will meet their standards.

I have found that none of the above matters.  All that matters is that you care and you give.  I find that when I cook for others with them in mind it all turns out well.

A point to remember is that when people aren’t feeling well they don’t feel like cooking (well I don’t anyway) so a meal will always make their day brighter.

Another thing we have noticed is the relationships that have been built when we give someone a meal.  There have been people at church that we have just not connected with and the barrier has been dissolved when they see that we care for them.  My husband always says that you get nothing out of a relationship unless you put into it.

My husband and I really want our children to understand what it is to care for people.  To know that giving is a great gift both to ourselves and others.  My No 2 son comes into the kitchen on a Friday (the day I cook) and says it that for us and when I shake my head he says oh it’s for so and so at church – my No 1 son says why do they get all the good stuff!!!  All joking aside, our children need to learn how to give and love others.

So if you have some doubts about your ability or are a little bit scared to cook for others here are a few tips that I follow.

  • Soup – soup is easy to make and teamed with some lovely bread it is a great meal.
  • Onions and celery are always my friends and are usually the first ingredients I use in a casserole.  They give any stew a great flavour base.
  • Make a tin based casserole, tuna, corn, champignons, evaporated milk.  Heat all this up, add some cheese and mix with pasta.
  • Bolognaise – every child I know loves spaghetti bolognaise.  Often I switch the spaghetti with noodles which makes it much easier to eat.
  • Muffins are great for a sweet accompaniment and once again they are easy to make (try my prize winning chocolate cake recipe if you don’t have one it’s very easy).

So if you feel there is someone at church, a neighbour or a friend who needs a hand, get out your recipe books or just make an old favourite, put on a smile and knock of their door.  I guarantee you they will appreciate it and your heart will soar.

2 Corinthians 9:7 Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.


If you have some easy casserole ideas or something special that you make for people, please share it …

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2 thoughts on “HOSPITALITY – GIVE IT A GO”

  1. Hi There! It sounds like you and I have a connection through providing food for our needy friends! It is such a gift to be able to do that, and it does make for stronger relationships, I agree with that.

    I’m sure you are a wonderful cook. Your farm sounds so busy, I wonder when you have the time? Well, when we are sure of doing good, we make sure it gets done. You are a huge blessing to your community.
    Nice to meet you 🙂 Have a good weekend,

    1. Hi Ceil, thank you for those encouraging comments.Tomato planting time here at the moment and that is this afternoons job. I hope you have a good weekend too. ENJOY! Terri

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