Just a preamble to this post:

I love my children and they are really fantastic, but they are very normal children.  This post is about our No 2 son who is 6.  He is actually a really great kid, he is loving and caring and never cuts short the hugs or kisses.  So here goes….

No 2 daughter and son
No 2 daughter and son


I must admit I am struggling at the moment with schooling.  Our no 2 son is giving me a run for my money and is really trying my patience (which isn’t my greatest gifting at the best of times).

It is probably because he is such a goer.  He runs everywhere and just wants to get outside to his tadpoles and the likes. He scratches, and sings, and hums and so on before even looking at his books.  He can ask a variety of questions (all in a very short period of time) that don’t relate to any schooling he is looking at.

Some of these questions are:

  • What’s for lunch mum (this is usually asked about 1/2 an hour after breakfast);
  • Mum did hell create sickness (this was this mornings – I had to be careful how I answered this);
  • Are we going to town today;
  • When will Dad be home;

and so on and so on, you can see a pattern here!!!

He can sit over a maths lesson for over an hour (I’m actually being very generous here!!!)

I am sure he is not unusual in homeschooling circles but he is challenging.  I am encouraging him in his reading and trying to explain how the world will open up to him once his reading improves, and he says that he understands this – but the outdoors just call him.

He loves playing the piano and is very good at it too, so practice for that isn’t too big an issue.  He can even sit still during the 1/2 hour of his lesson (much to his teachers amazement).

His older brother was the same but my memory doesn’t go back far enough to remind me how I dealt with it.

Don’t get me wrong, he is fantastic outside and helps his father a great deal.  His sister and him get in the cows for milking, he brings in our wood, he will take rubbish away for me without complaint.  He just can’t settle down and concentrate on his school work.

If anyone can give me any ideas on getting one very active boy to sit still and concentrate – I would be very grateful.


8 thoughts on “HELP! WE HAVE A 6 YEAR OLD BOY..”

  1. Perhaps try giving him a cup of lemon balm tea in the morning before his studies start. It’s calming and has mild sedative effects but can improve focus and concentration. It helps relieve nervousness and anxiety and should reduce the restlessness. It’s often found in natural formulas for ADHD.

    Some formulas that may help are “Focus For Children” by Solaray brand. There is also “Kid’s Attention Gold” sold on Then there is a homeopathic formula that has good reviews called, “Synaptol”. It says that it is a safe, non addicting formula to help with fidgeting and difficulty concentrating when reading and writing. It has 522 five star reviews. with

    I don’t know if any of this will help. I haven’t used any of the formulas I listed because I’ve never had the need to. I have had much success with treating various issues naturally. Will pray you can help him find a way to focus and excel in his studies.

  2. He’s six. Let him be six. Allow him to run and play and explore first. We have a more productive homeschooling day when I let the children run and play outside for a good long while before we even begin.
    But really, six is still a baby practically. We push children too much at such a tender age. Especially boys.

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