Hey there everyone, welcome back to Darling Downs Diaries. It’s almost Monday again so it’s time for another Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How has your past week been????

I started out the week with a head cold that turned into some funny virus thingy that left me sweating and cold and very tired for a day. It took me a few days and I was much better by Thursday, I got a bit better each day.

We have still been pushing through with our piano practice and the exams were Sunday afternoon. All done and dusted now, just need to wait for the results. It’ll be fine.

Our No 1 son came home on Friday night, so there was great excitement in the camp. He was with us for one night and then caught up with a very good friend on Saturday night and then joined us again for church and  lunch on Sunday. It was so nice to see him and we enjoyed our time together.

My husband and the younger children managed to get all the fruit trees planted. We bought 29 trees and the orchard is starting to fill up.

Spring must be coming because we have been talking this past week about our coming spring/summer vegetable garden. Our no 1 daughter is growing our seedlings for us this year and we are getting some of our tomatoes early this year to get planted under plastic.

Last season we only got our first tomatoes in February and they really didn’t peak until March. Hopefully if we get them in earlier we may have tomatoes by Christmas, but we’ll see.

I have been so impressed with the dehydrating that I did with my Excalibur that I can’t wait to get into it again this coming season.

I dried some homemade sourdough noodles this week and I was really pleased with how they turned out.20160728_231249[1]They look a bit homemade but it’s the taste that matters and they taste good.

I have been progressing with the jumper for our no 1 son and have started on the front now. I try and do some everyday but really couldn’t earlier in the week when I wasn’t feeling well, but I’m back on board now.

Okay onto our link up…thmb57798de7e95c5A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #73 by Laura at Harvest Lane Cottagethmb57955d6721e14Summer Cooking: Pasta Salad FAST! by Tammy at Taylor Made Homesteadthmb5794b76adddffServing Mister by Mrs White at The Legacy of Home

Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by and for linking up. I hope you were blessed.

Right this week is, ahhhh no serious piano practice, yay. We might take a bit of a break this week before we get into it again next week.

Our local town has it’s Sheepvention, which is a big show, sort of like a fair but no rides or side show alleys. Lots of machinery, dog trials, ladies clothes and stuff like that.

We didn’t make it last year and I think my husband would like to go on Tuesday this week. Hopefully it won’t be too wet or cold but we’ll see.

Apart from that there isn’t much happening. I forgot about making the granddaughters beanies for their ski trip, so I hope to get into that this week when I get some nice wool for them. I like to make them matching ones because they are so cute.

I am still reading Fervent and I am still really enjoying it, and I have 10 verses of Ephesians 1. It is slow going but good fun all the same and I am learning heaps.

Just a reminder about our monthly link up…wisdom search4

Our new link up for Wednesday Wisdom Searching commenced on the 20th July, and this months topic is PRAYER.

Also remember you don’t have to link up, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, so stop over if you get the time.

Have a blessed week my friends and may God lead and guide you in your everyday life.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all xxxx

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  1. Thanks, Terry, for hosting! It’s always fun to hear you talk about your cold weather this time of year since we are trying to stay cool and not succeeding a lot of the time! What a fascinating world God has made for us to enjoy! Have a blessed week!

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