Hi everyone, and welcome back to another Good Morning Mondays.

I hope you have all had a good week and a restful weekend and that you are all ready to start the new week with gusto!!!

Our week has been good and we have schooled and done piano – just the usual.

We went to our Revelation Bible Study on Tuesday night and we are all enjoying this and it is great for our younger children to learn to listen and sit still.

Wednesday night was Ash Wednesday and we went to church.  We don’t usually do this but we have decided to this year and to teach the children about Lent and what it means. We don’t want them to see it as a time where we “give up” chocolate, but we want them to understand the lead up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We have instigated nightly bible readings with our No 2 daughter reading a Psalm and No 1 son reading a chapter of Proverbs.  We usually read bible stories but have decided that the children are getting older and are ready for more.

We have also instigated a weekly prayer list and have asked them to choose who they want to pray for, our only stipulation is that there be Christians and non-Christians on that list.  We want to get past the thank you Lord for our good day and onto a more meaningful prayer time.

Sometimes at tea time we are just tired and want the children to go to bed, but they are quick to remind us of our prayer time and who they are praying for.

The children did a great job with some cleaning during the week, so after No 2 daughter mopped the floor and it was drying I took them to our local park for some hot chips and a play on the swings. This park is in a small town about 12 kms away, our nearest shopping town is 40 kms.


This doesn’t happen very often so it was a treat for them and they had done a great job.

Unfortunately No 2 son was sick with gastro on Saturday morning so we had to cancel a visit from our No 1 daughter and family.  I must admit I had a good cry over this, as we haven’t seen them since Christmas and they have been travelling around part of Australia and we were keen to get together with them.

My husband also decided that we couldn’t go to the 1 year old dedication and birthday party this afternoon in case we infected anyone else. This was very sad also but the right decision due to the amount of young children attending and we didn’t want anyone else to get sick.

This party was for the youngest son of our friends.  He is number 8 and a real cutie.  He has downs syndrome but he is such a blessing and we so wanted to show our support for them all. God doesn’t make mistakes and he has placed this beautiful little boy into a lovely home with supportive siblings and parents.  If you have time I would love you to pray for him – let’s name him little J.  Please pray also for his parents for wisdom in how they teach and train him.

So there has been good and sad this week.  I spent most of Saturday feeling sorry for myself and then Saturday night feeling bad about that. I guess I had a pity party – and I am definitely not proud of the fact, I really needed to build a bridge and get over it.

Our youngest two children made me these beautiful cards for my birthday and they made me feel so loved.  It is amazing how forgiving and loving they are, I am really blessed to be their mother.


My husband has put in a special prayer request and asks that if you have time to prayer for the following:

Sunday night starts the week of the Melbourne Bible Blitz for the Gideons International in Australia.  They will spend the week handing out Bibles at the universities in Melbourne and going around the hospitals, doctors surgeries, police academy, prisons, and on street witnessing. Their hope is to hand out 200,000 scriptures (Proverbs, Psalms and New Testament in one) and 18 tonnes of Bibles.

My husband and No 1 son will spend from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday evening in Melbourne (300 kms away) handing out, witnessing and transporting scriptures.

Please pray for open hearts and minds as they do this and please pray for all attending to be kept safe and well.

Thank you.

Okay, enough about us.

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My personal favourite this week is…thmb54e11a71dbbf4Grocery No Spend Challenge by Taylor Made Ranch

Imagine not going grocery shopping for a whole month. Pop over and have a look at this post if you want to see how it goes.

I want you all to know that I find it very hard to pick a favourite post each week.  I would love to be able to feature you all.

Congratulations to everyone for being featured and thank you to all of you who took the time and linked up.

I hope you are all learning as much as I am.  I am so blessed by you all and the relationship that we are building.

This week coming up is looking at being cooler (we had a hot weekend) so I will be very motivated to get heaps done (and praying that none of the rest of us get sick).

We have a Lenten church service on Wednesday and hopefully a sewing day with my friend.  We have had to cancel the last two due to them being sick, hopefully it won’t be us this week.  We will also be catching up with our daughter and family sometime soon and we are all looking forward to that.

I have been challenged this week to allow my younger two children to do more and take on more responsibilities.  It is amazing what they can do and how they respond with praise.

So I pray that you all will have a blessed week and I want to encourage you all to keep on keeping on and stay close to God, and He will guide you.


35 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #19”

  1. What a shame you haven’t caught up with your daughter yet. I’m sure the timing will be better this coming week. All my prayers and thoughts for your sick ones and for your hubby and son – what a blessing they will be. I pray that it goes well for them and they are able to reach many with God’s Word.
    Just had a lovely craft catch up with Jacinta, so let’s hope your sewing day works out this week. It really recharges the batteries to have that little bit of time with like-minded friends.
    Have a wonderful week! All the best to you all.

    1. Thanks so much Jayne for your kind and thoughtful comments. Thank you also for your prayers as well. How was Jacinta??? I haven’t seen her for a while and I am glad you had a good time together. You have been very busy with your craft and knitting (been looking at your blog) and I will be over soon to comment. You are an inspiration to me to get up and get going. Blessings to you this week, may it be joy filled.

  2. How exciting that you’ve featured my Grocery No-Spend Challenge on the hop this week. (squeeee….) Today I’m sharing how WEEK 2 of the challenge went – there were a few glitches that’s for sure. I’m also sharing my thoughts of the TRUTH Behind Perfect Facebook Posts; tips for Reducing Waste In The Kitchen; a recipe for homemade Ranch-Style Beans and some helpful tips on How We Survive w/o a Corporate Paycheck. Love the hop, thanks for hosting!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one, considering all the sickness going around.

    I’ve been meaning to have the kids write out a prayer list. Thanks for the reminder, we will do that this week. My son is very thoughtful and is great at remembering to pray for people but my girls could use some help. Even I could use some help! I get into my prayer time and then sometimes can’t remember who I was planning to pray for. Sometimes God will put someone on my heart at this time, and nothing can compare the the leading of the Holy Spirit, but it would be nice to have a list I can refer to as well.

    That is amazing that your husband and son will be handing out so many Bibles and tracts. I will keep them in my prayers this week.

    Have a good week!

    1. Thanks Miranda for your kind comment, it is a blessing to me that you stop by each week and say hello and link up. I hope the prayer lists work out. I have sticky notes near my computer to remind me of who I should be praying for and then there is our list at night time with the children. There will be heaps of Gideons giving out bibles in Melbourne, it is a concerted state effort and they all need our prayers. Have a great week and blessings to you and your family.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your Ash Wednesday service. I love the Lenten season. It’s an important time leading up to Christ’s death and the celebration of His resurrection. And I love Lenten hymns. So beautiful!

  5. Sounds like you have had a bittersweet week… May health be restored to you all and another reunion planned with your daughter soon 😉 Thank you for taking the time to host amongst your busy schedule too!

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  7. Hello Gorgeous! I always love coming to your party. Thank you for hosting. We would love it if you would stop by our party that starts tonight at 7 pm.. That would be amazing! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  8. We have been dealing with a little illness in our home as well, myself included. I hope your son is on the mend today. I have added your link up party to my link up page and hope it draws you visitors. And you are always invited to share at Monday’s Musings your favorite posts also. Thank you for hosting.

  9. Happy birthday, dear friend! And I am SO sorry to hear of your little one being ill and the disappointments it caused. God knows all about our heartaches, tears, and let-downs in this life. Trusting Him to see you through and heal your little one and not allow the rest of you to become sick. Thank you for the consistent encouragement you are to me. God bless you and your dear family!

    1. Thanks again Beth, and we appreciate your prayers. There will be a heap of men handing out bibles next week, giving up part of their week for the Lords Work. May God be glorified in what they do. Blessings

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