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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

Well it’s been a quieter week on the home front and I was home most of the week, nearly!!!

I went out Tuesday and met with a friend for Bible study and then that was it until Friday. One of our sewing ladies was away so we didn’t meet this week and then that same lady (my very good friend) was sick so we didn’t get to catch up on Friday.

We had some warm weather this week and I’ve moved the seedlings from the hot house to outside under shade cloth. My seedlings haven’t been entirely successful this year but I have at least proven to myself that I can do it. A few tweeks and next year – look out!!

We are blessed to know some people who run a seedling nursery so we can go direct to them and we got tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber and zucchini seedlings this weekend. My amazing motivated husband has got most of his share of the seedlings planted out in the hay bales and I’ll get mind done (in the raised beds) early next week.

We’ve got a couple of frosts expected later next week so we are a bit wary at the moment, hopefully they come to nothing.

We have had some very exciting news here – our no 1 son got engaged this weekend and we are very happy to welcome his fiance into our family. We are very blessed that God has led him to marry a lovely Christian young lady. Nothing else this week tops this news.

Our top three this week were…Behind the Scenes with the New Gutenberg Editor by Susan B MeadSurrendered Hearts by A New Lens“Do You ‘Cut & Paste’ the Bible?” by Soul Survival

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

This coming week is looking a good one for planting the vegetable seedlings. I’m meeting with my friend on Tuesday and we are having a sewing morning on Thursday followed by book group.

Friday is busy with bible studies for my husband and I and the children but it’s so great to get together with like minded Christians.

I’m hoping you are all well and I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great week and be blessed. xxx

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10 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #188”

  1. Congratulations to your whole family! Two of our four sons are married, and their lovely wives have added so much blessing to this family of guys!
    Thanks for the encouragement of news from your crew each week!

  2. Terri, congratulations to your son and your growing family. We were able to meet our soon to be grandson-in-law this weekend. He is a godly young man who hopes to go into full time ministry one day. We are all so blessed, aren’t we! Thanks for featuring my post from last week and for hosting. Blessings!

  3. Congratulations on your son’s engagement. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the link up.

    We save old bed sheets, table cloths, and blankets, along with old plastic from my dad’s hoop house project to cover our garden in the spring when there is a late frost. It’s a lot of work, but it helps a lot because our growing season starts early and late frosts are a risk. If we wait till after the chance of frost is all past we may end up going too far into the intense heat and not seeing things mature in time to produce well. It’s an interesting, if sometimes discouraging, challenge.

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