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Hi there all, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

We’ve had a good week and I hope you have too, it’s been busy and a bit tiring but I wonder if that is the change in the seasons.

It’s also been a wind down, finish up week for most of our outside activities with school holidays starting this weekend. That means no group Bible Studies for us and the children’s one is off as well, no piano lessons but that doesn’t mean that we will take holidays from school and practice.

We will keep motoring along doing our usual here and there with school, outside chores and activities. Our no 2 son and I are still busy sowing seeds into jiffy pots in the hothouse and we are so excited to watch them come up and look so healthy. The weather is quite mild at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can plant out yet because we can get some sneaky frosts right up until November. My husband and I have been talking about planting out into the raised beds earlier and using a sort of make shift hot house to protect the seedlings, but that won’t happen for another couple of weeks.

We’ve got our bi-annual butchery session in a couple of weeks, so after that we’ll start to think about planting out.

Those front seedlings are rock melon

We had some new additions this past week or so and we now have 5 little piggies in the woolshed with their mum. They are a bit of a mix really, with berkshire and saddleback coming through,Our no 1 daughter and I have made a bit of plan to trade products, she makes the yoghurt and feta and I make the butter. I think we are getting our first batch of yoghurt shortly so I’m looking forward to seeing how it tastes. I’ve been busy making butter this week to catch up and I tried some sour cream as well.
We’ve had a few plumbing issues this week and my amazing husband has used the opportunity to teach our no 2 son how to go about fixing the problems. You are never to young to learn and daily I am surprised with what he knows and can do around the farm now.
They’ve got it all fixed so no more leaks.

We had a sewing morning this week and also our final book group for the term. We finally finished Fervent and next term we are starting on a new book titled First Wives Club. I am very excited to get started with it and we’ve got some new members as well which is great.

Thanks everyone for linking up each week, I can’t do the top three this week due to dodgy internet, so I apologise.

This coming week is a bit slower which will be nice, we can work on school and piano and gardening with out the pressure of going out much.

Our no 2 daughter is going to spend some time with her brother in law and older sister and their family and she is looking forward to that, so it is only our youngest home and my husband and I for a couple of days.

I’m meeting with a friend on Tuesday and then we are sewing on Friday and apart from that I’m home. I’ve got a pair of socks I’m trying to finish for a friend for her birthday this week and then I’m hoping to knit some beanies for the Christmas boxes which have to be done by the end of October.

Okay my friends, I hope you are all well. Have an absolutely fantastic week, maybe you could send a friend a text to encourage them, ask God to lead you in that way and you’ll be astounded with how your text will come at the right moment for someone.

Bless you all xxx

9 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #185”

  1. So wonderful that your boys are learning some hands-on repair! We aren’t very handy, but have “required” that our sons take carpentry at the local vocational school, because we have felt the lack of practical skills so keenly ourselves.
    Take good care! Your seedlings do look very promising! We are on the other end of our garden. I’ve dug all the beets and carrots. The dill is still in the process of going to seed, so I’m waiting for it and the tomatoes will soldier on until our first frost.

    1. Hey there Michele, it sounds like you have given your boys a good start to build on their practical skills and your gardening sounds good too. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are well, blessings.

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