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Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How has your week been??? Mine has been good and somewhat settling back into normal – whatever that is !!!

Monday night we had our marriage course and that was really good and we even managed a bit of time together for dinner at our local lake before it started. I love just being with my husband like that, just talking and being together.

On Wednesday we were in town most of the day with a doctors appointment, piano and singing lessons. My husband got the all clear from the heart specialist which is such a blessing. There is no explanation really for the pains he had in his chest on that Monday morning but we know that God is in charge and has brought him through them to fight another day. Thank you Lord!!

On a side note:Β  The whole event has been good for us, though it didn’t feel like it at the time. It has strengthen our marriage and has deepened our love for each other and we have a tremendous feeling of gratitude to God for allowing us more time together.

The children are doing singing this year in the eisteddfod and their older sister is accompanying them so she came in and had lunch with us and then took the children to their lessons. I had a great time with the grandchildren and my friend came and met us for a while as well and it was great to catch up with her.

We haven’t managed to do our Bible study yet but we hope to do that this next week and we’ve been discussing submission so we’ll probably continue with that.Β  I’ve had friends say that they didn’t want obey in their wedding vows because the Bible doesn’t say that we need to obey our husbands but obey and submission are the same thing. It’s definitely an interesting topic and well worth discussing to see our place in God’s plan.

Some of the “gang”

On Friday our family got together to cut up some sheep for the freezers. We were meant to do a big butchery session a week or so back but when my husband ended up in hospital we postponed it. The sheep will help us along for a while and in a few weeks we will do a steer and some pigs. It’s great just to go to the freezer to get our meat for tea, such a blessing.

Learning knife skills

Our no 1 son is courting a beautiful christian girl and she and her youngest brother were able to come visit us over the weekend. Our no 2 son and her brother are the same age so they had a great time together. We are so blessed by their relationship and thankful to God for their heart to obey Him in all that they do.

Sunday we had a few birthdays to celebrate with two of our granddaughters – one turning 4 and one turning 1 and our no 1 son turning 23. These birthday dinners are just wonderful and the bringing together of the two families is always fun and somewhat crazy. I think there were over 20 of us there this time and our son-in-law and no 1 daughter do a great job of hosting us.

In the garden I have been digging up artichokes and we are enjoying them with our roast potatoes. Actually my husband and I are enjoying them but the children aren’t that keen. The brassicas are growing well and so are the beetroots and lettuces. We are having a very dry winter so far and we’ve had some frosts which have been amazingly cold but the days have been lovely.

Okay my friends onto our link up…

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

This week we finally have the Eisteddfod. After weeks and weeks of practicing this is it. The children have even managed to get their duet together, which has been a long slog. We have a few events and most of them are on Monday which is good but there is singing on various nights as well.

Apart from that there isn’t much on this week. I’ll be trying to keep up with the washing and school work apart from that but after a big weekend and a big Monday we may take Tuesday to get on top of some rest. All good though and the children are excited and ready to go.

Okay my friends that’s it for this week and I’m looking forward to hearing how you have all been.

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 β€œThe Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx

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