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Hi everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How has your week been??

After the fires on the weekend we were quite worn out and everyone has been a bit edgy as well, due to the continuing weather conditions.

We were blessed on Monday though when we met up with our No 1 daughter and her children in town and had lunch with them. Our daughter had been to a Ladies talk in the area so she was close by. We had a lovely time together for a couple of hours and then we all dispersed to our own homes.

My husband has been busy with the Father’s course that he is running and at the moment he is out 2 nights per week but he is enjoying it and it is great when the men take hold of being the heads of their families and start building on their relationships with their wives and children. It’s a great course to be involved with.

I was blessed this week to be able to meet up with my friend and catch up with all her news since shes been away, we then had our church’s ladies mission group, which was great.

Our book group met on Thursday and we have just finished Strategy No 2 – Our Focus. We are all enjoying the book and learning to be strategic and direct with our prayers, once again I would encourage everyone to read Fervent and watch War Room, it really opens our eyes to prayer and changing our prayer life.

From Friday on it is usually busy and this week was no different. Friday night the children had their Bible Class and because it was the last one of the term they made pizzas. They really enjoy this time during the week and getting together with their friends and learning about God, and I love meeting up with the mothers and catching up on all their news and encouraging each other.

Our son-in-law, daughter and their children stayed over on Friday night but got in very late, so we didn’t see them until we met up with them for breakfast in town after the children’s piano lessons. It was a wonderful noisy time and it was great to see them and the children again.

Then it was just our no 2 daughter and my husband and I home for the night because our no 1 and no 2 son went to their sister’s house for the night via some 4wd tracks.

Sunday was church and we had lunch with a couple of other churches in town. That was a nice time and enjoyed by all.


This coming week is the last one before school holidays and Easter. The children have singing lessons on Tuesday and I hope to take a friend out for her birthday on Thursday.

My husband has his courses as well and our no 1 son is going away for Easter. It’s full on trying to keep up with what everyone is doing :-).

We are having a Church BBQ here on Easter Sunday, a relaxed afternoon and then the following week I would love to get in and try out the pottery wheel my family gave me for my birthday.

Have a great week my friends and again I encourage you all to remember who your best friend is – Jesus, speak to Him,  praise Him, He listens, He cares and He will never leave us – It’s all about Him.

Blessings xxx

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6 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #162”

  1. I must have missed something because I’m not sure what you mean by “fires on the weekend,” but it sounds horrible and I hope you are all okay.
    This is a busy season, but a blessed one!
    Trusting that you and your family will have a meaningful and delightful Holy Week.

    1. Hi Michele, we had a big fire only 12 kms from us, 4 homes were lost, and lots of livestock, it has been very devastating for those involved. My husband and our oldest son were out on the fire trucks and we feel terribly blessed that it didn’t come this way as they thought it would. Thank you for your concern and for your support. Bless you this Easter.

      1. Terri, I’m sorry to hear about the fires! Worse, I dislike hearing that homes and livestock were lost! 😢

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