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Hi everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

As I am writing this it is blowing an absolute gale outside and there is so much dust and dirt as well, it is quite awful. We are holed up inside waiting for it to pass so hopefully by the morning it will be calm again. They are predicting rain tomorrow and that would be wonderful as it’s been quite a dry start to autumn and a dry summer.

We’ve had a good week and it’s nice to look back to see what we did, sometimes I have to look in my diary because I can’t remember ;-).

The children and I met up with a friend and her daughter at the park for lunch and a chat earlier in the week. It was a lovely time and I’m enjoying how our friendship is developing even though I am old enough to be her mother, quite amazing really.

The children had singing lessons as well and then I was home for the rest of the week until Friday. Our no 2 daughter was asked to do a fundraising market for our local hospital so she was busy making jewellery all week.That kept her busy all week and after encouragement we are thinking of opening an Etsy store so that she can sell them on line. They are very good and she has a good eye for colour and flair.

My lovely husband gave me a wood burning tool for Christmas and I managed to get some wood burning done for the market as well. Wood burning is good fun and my husband cut discs of timber from our own tree branches and sanded them up for me and they hang with a leather cord.

My husband also took some laying hens and potatoes to sell and he did quite well too. He has a great way with people and can talk to anyone, he’s just great.Our no 1 daughter’s mother-in-law blessed us with a couple boxes of tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers so I got busy this week and dehydrated some tomatoes and our own capsicums. I then powdered them together and put it in a jar.It does go down to nothing but you don’t need to add too much to get flavour into a casserole or soup.

A final note to this week, my husband spent Saturday night at a fire not too far from us. They lost 4 – 5 houses and it’s not quite under control yet. Our no 1 son left this morning to relieve the night crew and should be home shortly. There were concerns for our side of town due to a very strong westerly wind change that was due this morning but it turned out not to be as bad as predicted so we are safe. Please pray for those families that lost their houses and those that lost their stock, sheep and cattle.

There are still concerns for the main fire and they now have aerial support which will be helping. We’ve got tree branches down all over the place and the wind even flipped our trampoline but except for some fence issues we haven’t got any damage.

Due to our amazing internet I won’t be able to do a top 3 this week,  so I apologise again.

This coming week is a busy one with our churches women’s mission group meeting on Wednesday and my friend who I meet with to read the Bible is back and we are getting together this week. I’m so excited about that as I’ve really missed our time together. We’ve also got our book group and then the usual stuff for the children.

I’ll be busy fitting in the children’s school in between but it’ll be nice to get back to it and we’ll be motoring through the school holidays as well when they start in a couple of weeks. (wow where did that go??)

That’s it for me this week and I look forward to hearing from you all.

May God bless you this coming week, may you feel His presence in your daily lives.

Blessings my friends xxx


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  1. Terri, it sounds like a busy week alright! I’ll be praying for the families who suffered losses in the fire and thanking the Lord that you and your family are safe. Thanks for hosting! Blessings to you and yours!

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