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Hi there all! and welcome back to our weekly link up. How have you all been?

We’ve had a hot and humid week with thunderstorms and plenty of rain and then later in the week we got cold weather. That’s the joy of living here, it’s never too hot or too cold for too long.

The start of the week was quieter which was nice after a big weekend, but my amazing husband still went to work, even in the hot weather.  It was his birthday on Thursday and I’m so blessed to have him in my life and I really appreciate all that he does for me and our family. It was our no 1 daughter’s birthday on Wednesday too so it was nice that we had spent time together the week before. The next birthday is our no 2 son’s in December and he is turning 10 and is so excited about that.

After it cooled off a bit the children and I got some more work done in the garden. We haven’t quite finished planting everything yet but we’re getting there. The strawberries are going great and we are enjoying the fruits as they ripen.I met with my friend this week to continue our study of Mark. I’m really enjoying it and it’s nice to spend time talking and getting to know each other better. I’m looking forward to deepening this relationship over the coming months. We have been meeting in the park so that the children can play but it was so hot that we met in the church hall. This was much better because we weren’t there long and we had a massive thunderstorm and we were pleased to not be out in it.

We had our second last pottery lesson this week and we are finishing up and glazing our items. We got to bring home a few things this week and the bowl below is one that our daughter made. She did a great job and it’s the perfect size for breakfast or dessert.
I finally got to bring home my butter dish and it looks great. I’m so pleased with it but I’m a bit nervous to use it in case it gets broken. The jug I made will probably be used as a vase, because I’m not sure if we can trust the handle or not, but it’ll be good for that.Friday the children had their singing lessons and Bible class and both of these are almost finished for the year. They are enjoying their singing and they have made some great friends at the other class as well.

It was so cold and wet on Saturday that we didn’t get too much done outside but we finished a few inside jobs instead.

On Sunday we had our last fellowship luncheon for the year and we enjoyed a lovely BBQ and time together. These luncheons are so important for healthy church relationships, it’s so good to take the time to get to know one another.

Okay that’ll do, onto our link up…

Our top three this week were… 26 Devotions Focusing on Christ in the Nativity Alphabet–Behold by Beth Willis MillerHard Questions: Can You, Should You Give Thanks For That? by The Cotton Apron
Is the Devil about to REEL You in? November 23 by Soul Survival

Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up.

This coming week we are going to do our Christmas cards and send them out, we’re also going to start on some Christmas gifts. We have our Tuesday night Bible Study as well and I’m meeting with my friend again to do our Bible study on Mark.

We’ve also got our last pottery session for the year and we won’t be able to bring everything home this week but we’ll have to collect it before Christmas.

I’m not sure yet what’s on next weekend but I know we’ll have piano lessons and then home time.

I’ve started a study with the Koinonia Institute with Chuck Missler and it’s been really good so far. I started on the Old Testament and it’s so amazing to hear of all the different codes that have been placed in the Bible. These codes don’t matter to our daily walk but give God’s word authority and authenticity, it’s just so great.

I hope I can keep up with it, this Old Testament course is 12 weeks and then I want to do the New Testament in the New Year.

I’m excited for next year and we are starting a Book Club at our church for the ladies and I’m blessed to be able to facilitate this group. The first book we are starting on is Fervent which connects with the movie War Room. Interesting times ahead.

So that’s our week for you and I look forward to hearing about how you are all going.

This post comes to you hoping that you are well.  Keep on keeping on my friends…

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx


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11 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #152”

  1. Great job on the butter dish. (I’d be paranoid about breaking such a beautiful thing too . . .)
    Sorry it’s so hot right now — blessings to you at the beginning of this Advent season.

    1. Thank you so much Michele, I really like it too. We had it hot and now it is almost cold, I am thankful that our seasons can be so changeable and that it keeps us on our toes. Hope you are well and blessings to you also.

  2. Terry, thanks for featuring my post from last week, “Is the devil about to REEL you in?” What a blessing! I love your pottery, especially your daughter’s bowl. It’s pretty enough to be sold in some fancy shop! Hope your December is off to a good start. It sounds like a busy one. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thank you so much Donna for your kind words, my daughter was thrilled to hear what you thought about her pot, and it was my pleasure to feature your post. Enjoy your December also and the Advent season. Blessings

  3. So your husband and I share birthdays close together. Mine was a Saturday ago. I was 55; doesn’t seem possible. I would love to have some fresh strawberries right now; hope you all enjoy them!

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