Hey there everyone, welcome back to our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

We have had an exciting, amazing and blessed week. On Tuesday we welcomed our newest granddaughter.

Oh what joy she is and so beautiful and cute and cuddly and smells just like a baby should. I apologise if I post too many photos but I just need to share :-).

Here she is with her youngest uncle – our no 2 son.

I was truly blessed to be able to go up with our no 2 daughter and spend a few days helping them and looking after the younger children whilst they went to hospital. It was a true privilege for me to see her in labour at home and be there to talk to her as well. It was definitely a special time for me.

Here she is with my husband and her mum – our no 1 daughter.

I must admit though I was itching to get home and settle back down once they got home from hospital and I know that they were keen to be alone with their family. I haven’t been away for that long since I broke my leg 20 months ago, so you can imagine I wanted to get back home.

So I guess I spent the best part of the week up there and I have come home and started to settle back in again. My husband and no 2 son did a great job at home and they kept everything running quite smoothly.

Last weekend I managed to get our vegetable seedlings planted and they are growing really well.I planted broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, broad beans, snow peas, lettuces and parsnips. We have covered the bed with netting to keep the chooks out but they don’t seem to be interested in anything there which is good. Β My husband is going to get me some hay this week to put down to help keep the weeds at bay. I also have some garlic and herb seedlings to plant this week as well.

My husband managed to get the strawberry seedlings planted as well and they look good too. Some are grown from seed – so they don’t produce runners and some are grown from runners so we should be able to build up the numbers over the next couple of years.

Strawberry bed

The vegetable seedlings in the aquaponics system are going well too and we have only lost 1 lettuce. Hopefully in a couple of months we’ll be sharing this produce around and enjoying the winter vegetables ourselves. Growing your own food is such a blessing and we love being able to share our produce.
So I guess that was my week, I’m a bit tired now but that’ll soon pass after a couple good nights sleep.

Okay onto our link up…

Our top three this week…The Purpose Of Our Pain by Homespun Devotions
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Hey everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and link up, I hoped you were blessed by your visit.

Well, it’s back to normal this coming week, with school and music practice. There is only 1 week before the Eisteddfod so there’ll be practice to do and mostly it’s tidying up the pieces.

We have our 2nd granddaughters birthday dinner on Monday night so that’ll be great. I finished her blanket last week and I’m just about finished her sock. It’ll be nice to see them all again and have another cuddle with the baby. She’ll be meeting a couple of her other aunts and an uncle for the first time that night, so cuddles will be at a premium.

It is turning cold here now and it looks like being wet for a couple of days so hopefully I can get our garlic and herbs in this week.

What’s on your agenda for next week???? and what have you been up to??

Thank you all for your support and may God bless you all.

Keep on keeping on my friends…

Have a great week!!!

Numbers 6:24-26 β€œThe Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx


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15 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #126”

  1. How many grandbabies does this make for you?

    Many many congratulations! And . . .when I come to the link up next week, our number 2 son will be a married man. Unbelievable!

    1. Oh Michele thank you for your congratulations, that’s 4 now for us. Also congratulations on your son getting married, life is very exciting. Hope the wedding goes well. Blessings.

  2. Congrats! She’s beautiful. πŸ™‚ And it’s so fun to be featured! Thank you! I don’t have a new post to link up right now bc I’m redesigning at the moment. I’ll be back, though. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there Kelly, thank you so much for stopping by and it was my pleasure to feature you. Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing your next post, when you get to it. Blessings

    1. Thanks Ifeoma, good new is always great. I have started writing again and I’m just fixing up a post for hopefully next week, thanks for your encouragement. Blessings

    1. Thank you so much Mary, I feel so blessed to be able to go and help them and share this with them. It’s nice to be home and I hope you are all going well. Blessings

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