Hi there everyone, welcome back to Darling Downs Diaries and our Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

It’s been a good week all round. On Monday we started our “Daily Home Blessing Hour”.  After discussions with our No 1 daughter during their visit last week, we decided to give this a go. She had heard about it from a lady on Instagram.

So it basically means that every morning before school, for about an hour, we give the house a clean. So all the bathroom sinks, toilets and laundry get a clean each day, along with dusting and floors. I’ve broken the hour into 15 min sections. The first 15 mins is for bedroom tidy up and then the sinks and toilets and then the dusting and floors being the last 15 mins. I also broke our house into 2 zones, kitchen and lounge and hallway and bathrooms, and while our no 2 daughter and I do inside our no 2 son does the outside verandas.

This has gone really well, and it’s amazing now how easy it is to do, even after a week. The kitchen floor is mopped every morning and it is so nice to sit down in the evening to a tidy home. There will be times of deeper cleaning for windows and behind furniture but it won’t be this big huge weekly cleaning task that leaves us all grumpy. We also use it as a bit of a race to see who can get completed first, mostly it’s good fun.

It was my birthday on Monday and my wonderful family all clubbed together and bought me a cream separator. It came all the way from the Ukraine and it’s great.

My new separator.

The cream that came out was thick and creamy (haha) and was a wonderful addition to our chocolate self saucing pudding that we had for tea. I intend to turn the rest into butter but we may eat it before I get to it.

Thick dollop cream.

I’ve also been making sauce from a case of tomatoes from our no 1 daughter. Ours aren’t ripe yet and I really wanted to get some sauce put away so it was really a blessing. I got a heap of jars which should keep us going until next season.

Putting the cooked tomatoes through the press to get rid of the skins.

I dried the skins as well and blended them up and this is a wonderful addition to soups and stews during the winter months.

Our new chickens are officially laying and we are getting a few eggs each day. They haven’t got any boxes yet so it sort of looks like an egg game in their pen.

I also managed to finish our no 2 daughters jumper this weekend and it was just in time for the cooler weather we’ve been having. This coming week will be quite warm so she won’t get to wear it again or a while, but the warm weather is good for the vegetables so that’s okay.
I’m now excited to get into our son-in-laws jumper, and hopefully get it done in a month or so, but we’ll see. Our granddaughters have birthdays in April and May and I would like to make them a quilt each and maybe some socks but we’ll see how we go.

Okay enough about us, onto our link up…

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Thanks everyone or stopping by and linking up, it’s always great to see what you have each week.

With the warmer weather coming there may be more tomatoes to deal with so that will be on the agenda this coming week. There will be school to do and our cleaning schedule to complete and piano practice.

As far as I know we are home all week and have a 70th birthday party next Saturday night. So a nice quiet week is on the agenda.

What’s been happening in your lives lately, I’d love to hear.

Also don’t forget our…This months topic is…


Love to see you here if you get a chance

I hope you are all going good and I’m looking forward to hearing from you this week.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings my friends xxxx

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  1. Thank you for hosting! Hope you had a wonderful birthday also. Thanks so much for listing The Crown post as a top post! I appreciate it!

    1. Hey Angela, welcome to Darling Downs Diaries and thank you for the birthday greetings. The home blessing hour is working really well for us and keeps us on top of it all, which is a great feeling. Have a great week. Blessings

    1. Hi there Jennifer, I really enjoy this link up and it really blesses me each week. Please us whatever idea you have and if you get it working smoothly or have any other ideas please share. Have a great week. Blessings

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