This just the greatest, easiest recipe there is.  It takes no time to make and the kids can help as well.



  • 2 x bags marshmallows
  • 2 x 375 grams choc melts
  • 220 grams copha
  • 3 large cherry ripe bars


Line a baking dish with greaseproof paper.  Get one child to cut marshmallows in half and place in a bowl.  Chop up the cherry ripe bars and mix with the marshmallows.


Melt the chocolate and copha in a saucepan, and pour over the marshmallows and mix. Pour into tin and leave to cool.  Place in the fridge until set.  Cut into fingers and serve.



PS:  A cherry ripe is a chocolate bar with cherries and chocolate. You could use any chocolate bar you like in the recipe, and most of the time I don’t add any, you could also add glace cherries too.

PPS: Copha is vegetable shortening.

3 thoughts on “CHERRY RIPE ROCKY ROAD”

    1. Copha is a vegetable shortening, white in colour and it stops the chocolate from cracking and helps it cut cleaner. A cherry ripe bar is a chocolate cherry chocolate bar, they are quite nice. I suppose you could just add glaze cherries instead. You actually could add any chocolate bar you like or leave it out. I normally make it without the cherry ripe and it is still a great tasting slice. Blessings

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