I am sitting here exhausted after a particularly hot day and trying really hard not to complain about the heat.  I promised my husband I wouldn’t.  The heat is good for our vegetables you see, and as he says, it’s that time of the year – get on with it.


He is right about that, I just need to live with it, accept it and move on.

So as I am sitting here trying not to complain my thoughts have turned to the fact that we complain about a lot of things.

Do I complain about the things that I cannot change, things that just are the way they are and the way God meant for them to be?

In our corner of Australia us farmers are known for our complaining, especially when it comes to the weather.  We complain when it hot, and then we get a lovely cool change and then complain it’s cold. We get life refreshing rain and then we complain it’s too wet, you can see the pattern developing.

There are certain things that we cannot change in our lives and here are a few of them…

  • Parents
  • Physical features
  • Gender
  • Siblings
  • Birth order
  • Ethnicity

These are the things that God has given to us, they are the things in our life that say who we are and where we have been, they are part of our blue print and just need to be accepted.

So this being the case why do we so often complain about them. Why do we complain about what God created us to be or where he has placed us in life.  I know myself that I have often whinged about my height, if only I could be another couple inches taller – life would be good.

Really!!!! probably not.

We need to stop whinging (complaining) and get on with life. Take hold of all that God has for us and be happy.  We should love the hot days and revel in the cool days. We should accept the way God created us and move on.

We have so much to be thankful for, especially in the Western World, let us turn our hearts to those who don’t have what we do.

Let us turn our thoughts of complaint to thoughts of prayer for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Let’s be happy, and choose not to be complainers.

Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.


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16 thoughts on “WHY ARE WE NEVER HAPPY”

  1. So very true… The summer months can really test one’s character. We live in a humid climate and it takes all I can muster up to walk cheerful during those months… To be a light when all I want to do is curl up in a ball on the bed 😉 Thanks for sharing your posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

    1. Thanks Jes, I thought it was only me 🙂 It is so hard to be cheery when our circumstances are hard (even if it is the weather). Thank you for hosting the Art of Home-Making Mondays it is always a pleasure to stop by and see what you have going on. Have a great week and blessings to you and your family.

  2. And here we are all complaining about how much we hate winter. The ice, the snow, the cold, the laziness, blahblahblah. In six months, it will all be reversed! I’m happy to give you 30 degrees, and you give me 30 degrees (that’s F, not C). Then we’ll both be at a happy springtime. In the meantime, bloom (or in my case, sit under the snow and wait to bloom) where we’re planted!

  3. I’m nodding my head to this because, whew, here in Seattle? We are NEVER happy with the weather, either. It rains too much, we don’t get enough snow, we don’t get enough sun, the sun’s too hot in the summer, or when a nice blip of weather crowds in – “well, it won’t last long.” I appreciate the simple message of gratitude here and agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for joining us at Small Wonder.

  4. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of complaining.Here we are complaining about it being cold, and in a few months we will complain because it’s hot! I like your reminder that there are reasons for things and other things we cannot change so why complain.
    Next time I find myself complaining I’ll try and remember to put my words to better use.

    visiting from Capture Your Journey Linkup

  5. As a fellow Australian and a former farming town resident, I can relate to your comment about how we always seem to complain about the weather.

    You make a valid point about how we are quick to complain about anything and everything instead of getting on with life and appreciating what we do have (even if I also can’t reach the top shelf at the supermarket!!).

    Stopping by from TGI Saturday blog hop over at Ask Latisha

    1. Thanks Kelly for your lovely comment and it’s nice to meet a fellow Australian blogger. I can’t reach the top shelf either and it is frustrating, but if I take my husband or oldest son they can reach. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you more often. Blessings

  6. Hello from the U.S. where we are in the most frigid winter weather and snow of the year. (smiles!) I found it truly refreshing to read of your heat….because those overly warm summer days can be just as taxing in a different way. Your post was a great reminder to be thankful. Via Grace & Truth.

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