It is so exciting to see our vegetables growing (it’s the small things that make us happy).

The children and I went out this morning and mulched some of the tomatoes with hay and I took some more photos whilst I was out there.  We have three more rows to mulch and will finish them on the weekend.

DSC_0530[1] DSC_0531[1]

Here are the potatoes, there are five rows of them and they are all coming up now, reds and whites.


Mrs Abella of Sunny Patch Cottage and my daughter at Clay Clan Cultivates told me about the planting system called the 3 sisters.  It’s a corn, bean and squash/pumpkin mix, the beans climb the corn, the vines grow at the bottom and the corn goes up.  All 3 require plenty of water so they all get watered at once.  When the corn is done the beans use it as a natural pole to climb up and the corn provides a place marker to find the middle of the vines trailing out from the bottom.



Here is a picture (above) of the corn in rows and the ones below show the pumpkins coming up amongst the corn.  I think the corn has grown at least an inch in the last week.  We have had some rain this past week and now it is warming up – just great growing weather.


DSC_0534[1]My husband is going to plant another patch of corn, using the full system mentioned to me by Mrs Abella and my daughter.  He is going to plant corn, beans and pumpkins.  I will keep you updated on how this goes.

That’s all for now but more to come next week.

Once again, what’s happening in your vegetable patch in your neck of the woods??

Blessings to you all.




  1. Good early morning! (it’s 5:45 here) It sounds like you have a wonderful garden going! I’ll say it again–I’m jealous!!! I already miss the fresh from the garden produce, it tastes so much better than the store bought!

    Each year we put out mostly sweet potatoes, as they are few of the tropicals that grow in Papa’s garden. From what he tells us, they (or something that is extremely similar) grow year round in Cuba, so he tries to get as much out of it here as he can before having to dig them up.

    It’s been really busy here, preparing for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday. With family coming in from long distance, we’re preparing our houses, planning the meal(s), and keeping up with regular chores. And since it gets dark so much earlier and has been so cold, been snuggling under the blankets and sleeping a little earlier than normal. It was down to 7 degrees F (-13.3 C) yesterday–I absolutely had no desire to go out!!

    I hope the 3 sisters works well for you all! If all else, you’ll know where the middle of your squash is. 🙂

    You have a great day!

    1. It sounds so cold, we never get anywhere near that temperature. Saying that we don’t get a hot enough summer here to grow sweet potatoes, but we are going to try in our aquaponics system in the hot house this year. Have fun preparing for Thanksgiving and I hope you have a blessed time.

  2. How interesting the seed mix, sounds like fun. I had to read around your blog to see how you are planting, Australia has always been a place of interest for my husband and I to visit.

    Thanks for stopping by to linkup Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Feature!!!

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