My daughter wanted to make some tornadoes in a bottle after our good friends had shown us how they did it.

They are actually quite fascinating and she had a lot of fun doing this.

DSC_1234Here are the instructions.

Take 1 glass bottle with a good lid, make sure you don’t have any labels on it.

Fill the bottle about 3/4 full with cold water and add a good squirt of dish washing detergent.

Add the lid and shake in a round motion, and look out for the tornado.

Our daughter then decided to add some food colouring to see what it would look like.

DSC_1244It was hard to get a clear photo but you can just see the tornado in the middle of the bottle.

As we don’t have tornadoes here it was a good time to discuss them and how damaging they can be.

Just a note: I found that if you didn’t add enough detergent it wouldn’t really work, so if you find the same thing just add a little more.


8 thoughts on “TORNADOES IN A BOTTLE”

  1. What a fun project. No tornadoes anywhere? No earthquakes. Hmm… Surely you have something? Hurricaines? Or just God’s saving grace? 🙂 . Love learning about our distant friends.

    1. We get really bad fires here, which can be pretty devastating, thankfully they are only seasonal, but during summer everyone is on high alert. No tornadoes, or hurricanes, just God’s saving grace. We are so blessed. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings

  2. We think a waterspout, a mini-tornado, hit the corner of our cabin the other day. We got back and our two chairs were gone, the BBQ slid across the deck, and our trees in pots were turned over. Must have been quite a down-burst from a passing thunderstorm while we were in town. I remember doing this experiment with the kids when I was a teacher. – Margy

    1. Wow, that’s quite amazing Margy, did you find your chairs??? The children had a great time doing this and I’m going to admit, so did I. Thanks for your comment and for sharing. Blessings

  3. My kids enjoy doing this occasionally. Sometimes we take 2 plastic soda bottles, put the ingredients in, then tape the two openings together with duct tape. Best wishes!

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