Washing seems to be a never ending job.  I finally get the basket empty and the next time I look it is full again.  I wash every day and my youngest daughter helps me with the hanging up and bringing in.


Here are a few ideas that help us get it done a bit easier.

  1. Try and not let the washing get away on you… (easier said than done, I know);
  2. Get the younger ones in to help. We purchased a camping clothes line and our daughter hangs up all the little clothes on this;
  3. Fold your washing as you take it off the line (weather permitting);
  4. Individual drawers –
    • I have a couple sets of drawers in our laundry that I put folded washing into and then the individuals come and get their drawers and put their washing away.  Little ones may require help with this until they get the hang of it.  Mine don’t have wheels but you get the idea.




I don’t use an outside line, I hang our washing under the verandah out the front of the house and it doesn’t fade in the summer and doesn’t get wet when it rains.  This can allow me to leave it there a little bit if I get caught up doing other things.

I hope these tips help you in your washing journey.


2 thoughts on “TIPS ON WASHING..”

  1. I just wanted to leave the first comment, so yay!
    In all reality, in case anyone is interested, what works for me, is to do all the washing in one or maybe two days, drying and folding them as well. If I have anything that needs urgent washing, the machines are free to use and I dont have to think about laundry for most of the week! Also I keep the next day unscheduled so that I can do any work I get behind on. I wish I had a clothesline. I would do what my grandma does, and tumble the clothes in the dryer for a few minutes after hanging them so they are not crunchy and hard.
    God bless your washing!

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