We are all very excited to have two new arrivals on Darling Downs Farm.  Our Highland Cow “Mildred” had a little bull calf early last week.  I’m not sure what name the children are going to give to him but I’m sure none of us will be able to remember it!!

Mildred and her calf
Mildred and her calf

I’m sorry about the quality of the photo but she wouldn’t let me get close enough to take a decent one.

The second new arrival came early this morning.  Our jersey milking cow had a heifer calf.  Again no name but will keep you all updated.

Jersey cow and her calf
Jersey cow and her calf

This cow at least allowed me to get pretty close for a photo but was still quite wary of me.

We have already been milking our Friesian cow since she calved a couple of months ago. I have been making cheese a few times a week, with the rest of the milk going to our piglets.  But now that we are going to double our volume my husband will separate some so that I can make butter from the cream.





3 thoughts on “THE NEW ARRIVALS”

  1. Hi, Thank you for the pictures. Those calves are very cute!!

    If you get a chance, I’d love to hear how you make your butter. I would like to start making it also. But I have never done it before.

    Thank You !!!

    Have a great day!!!

    1. Hi Cyndi, Thanks for your comment. Yes the calves are very cute, especially the highlands as they look like teddy bears. I will make butter this week and put a post up to show how it is done. It is quite easy (I feel) so you should have no problems. Thanks again and blessings.

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