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I’ve been wanting to do a Vegetable Gardening Update for a couple of weeks now, and I had taken photos about 3 weeks ago, but what with Christmas and end of year preparations I just haven’t gotten to it.

Yesterday we were all out there and my husband had our ipad and I said “just take some photos of the vegetable patch while we are here”.  He shook his head and said “no, we can’t, there are too many weeds”.


I let it go and went on with my day, determined to get onto it as soon as I could – the weeding that is.

But I’ve been thinking about those weeds and how it relates to us and our life.

Do we keep people out of our life because of the weeds??? Do we try hard to not show our weeds to those around us???  Do we just rip the weeds out with no care for the roots of other plants around them???

Now let’s equate these weeds to the imperfections in our lives.

It is so easy to write on this blog about how wonderful our life is and how we get on so well.  No don’t get me wrong our life is wonderful and my relationship with my husband is fantastic, but hang on we aren’t perfect.

We are still sinners and sometimes that old Adam rises up and takes over.  There are arguments, tears and sadness, and this is the truth, even though they are less than when we were first married, they are still there.  I don’t want to hide this fact that we are imperfect people, that we have great big dirty weeds in our lives, I want to show these weeds and then show how God helps us pull the weeds up so that we stay rooted to Him.

If it wasn’t for Jesus in our lives we wouldn’t be together now.  He is the glue that holds us together, only He has blessed us so much and made our relationship get better and better.

He has shown us that forgiveness is the key in any relationship. When we have our arguments or issues, they may upset us but we always come back and say sorry and forgive each other and that is when we move on.  We give up on holding a grudge and turn our hearts back to each other and to God.

Weeds are always going to be there, they are always something we are going to have to pull up and get rid of.  Let us make sure that when we do pull them up our roots are firmly secure in Gods foundation.

2 Timothy 2:19 But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.”


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