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I have spent years being not happy with the way I was, whether being too short or too wide or my hair being too frizzy, the list could go on.  I have wasted many hours of thought on these things that I cannot change about myself.

Then 29 years ago I met my husband and I suppose he has spent the last 29 years loving me for the way I am.

Sure it has taken us quite a few years to get where we are now, that is a proper relationship with Christ at the centre, but he has loved me all the way along.

We were picking apples off trees on the side of the road the other day, and I stated that if I was a bit taller I could reach more. His statement to me was that I was his pocket rocket and he would get the high ones and I could get the low ones.

He loves me unconditionally, whether I am short, or too wide or my hair is going gray and is too frizzy, he thinks I am wonderful.

Sure there are some things I am sure he would change on me. I know he would like me to loose weight – not because he doesn’t desire me but because he is concerned for my health the same way I am for him.

His love for me is like God’s love for me, he loves me despite myself, my lumps and bumps and insecurities. He has stood beside me through 6 caesar operations, holding my hand, even dressing a wound I had from one operation for 12 weeks, he is pretty amazing.

What a blessed wife am I to have such a husband. May God help me to love him the same and to care for him the same and support him and stand beside him as he leads our family. God help me to love him unconditionally.

PS: I want you all to understand that we aren’t a perfect family. There are no perfect families, there are no perfect people. We are as real as the next. We argue and our children aren’t always obedient, but through it all there is the love of God and I think that is the key.