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What do I mean by the TOP 10 OF CHRISTMAS???

To me these are the top 10 things that we remember, celebrate, and enjoy at Christmas.


– To me Jesus is the MAIN reason that we celebrate Christmas.  If it wasn’t for Jesus we wouldn’t have Christmas at all.  He is the reason…

2.      FAMILY

– To be with my family at this time of the year is so special, especially now with a daughter married and living 2 hours away.

3.     FRIENDS

– This year our No 1 son has some friends coming for lunch on Christmas Day.  I think this is great that he has such a lovely relationship with them, and we hope they feel part of the family.

4.     CARING

– We should be caring about others whether family or friends.  We like to make sure that there is no one at church with no where to go. We should open our homes (If we can) to those around us who need love and care at this time of the year.

5.     SHARING

– Sharing and caring go hand in hand.  We have been so blessed in our lives, with where we live and what we can grow for ourselves.  If we keep it for just us we have missed the point.  Sharing it with others blesses us as much as it blesses the receiver.

6.     GIVING

– Let us not forget those that have nothing.  There are so many families suffering from low income or no income.  There are people out there who have no where to live or live in poverty.  Maybe we could donate money, time, food to people in need.

7.     LOVING

– We must love each other, not hold grudges and not need to get more out of a relationship than what we give.  Let us at this time of the year (and all year) forget the hurts and forgive and turn that into love.


– Let us just be together.  We don’t need to buy expensive gifts to celebrate, just being together and loving one another is enough of a gift.


– I enjoy just sitting and chatting with our visitors and finding out what has been happening in their lives.  Some of our guests coming, we only see once a year, so there is lots to catch up on.

10.     EATING

– This isn’t important either, but it seems to be what we do.  I have been making slices and special things for a week now and freezing them.  I enjoy this side of it and consider it part of the blessing that we can give to people.

What are your top 10 for Christmas this year???