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When our friend had her 60th birthday the other week we were asked to bring a salad or something for sweets. I chose a salad and I really wondered what I would take.

I decided to make a pasta salad using my own sourdough pasta and my daughters home made corn relish made from our own corn.


I made the pasta first (go here to see how to make it) and then I cooled it under cold water.

Once it was cooled I added the jar of corn relish and some home made feta cheese (go here to see how to make this). I fried up some bacon and mixed the whole lot together.

It was delicious and was great heated up the next day as a side to go with our steak.

The pasta is really easy to make and doesn’t really take that long, but you do need to mix it in advance.

You could really add anything you like to this pasta and it is a great base for any salad or casserole.