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We received some sad and disappointing news last night.

Last year I asked you to pray for a good friend of ours Mr H as he was going into hospital to have a cancerous tumour removed from his liver.

The operation had been a success and his test results in the New Year had been clear and favourable, which was such a blessing after two years of fighting the cancer.

During his follow up tests this last week Mr H received news that there was more cancer in his lymph node and possibly another spot on his liver.

Understandably both Mr H and his wife and family are very upset over this news. They all thought that he was on the mend. He was looking much better and was getting his cheekiness back, we were all positive he would receive a good result.

So I must admit I was feeling rather down and sad this morning during worship, but it never ceases to amaze me how God speaks to us at just the right moment, how he can take away our fear and give us peace.

Our first hymn this morning was

nothing in all creation

What a comfort this was this morning to sing this knowing that even though we are facing difficult times that nothing can separate us from God, not even death.

Mr H has no fear of death and he definitely isn’t worried about dying but naturally he is concerned for his wife and grown daughters and leaving them behind. His faith is a wonderful example to us.

Thank you Lord that you hold us so close to you thank you that you love us that much.

7448835930_92db32399b_qIf you can please pray for Mr H and his family, he has three grown daughter, two of whom are married.