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Portland is a town on the South West coast of Victoria. If you are interested in reading more go to this site for more information about it’s history.

Portland is about 1 1/2 hours from our home and is about the same size as our local town Hamilton.

The first thing we did was take a trip on the local tourist tram.

Here are my men ready to go.

This tram took us along the water front, pass the wharf and up onto the hill overlooking the ocean. At the top of the hill is an old water tower that has been converted into a war museum.DSC_1923They had some great displays in there of the different uniforms and weapons used during the war years.DSC_1917They also had some great murals on the wall.DSC_1918There was a lookout at the top and 130 steps to get there and more displays as well but we didn’t have time for that this time, maybe next time.

A picture of the steps and the top of the tower.

Below are pictures of the ocean front and the wharves. Portland loads more than 300 ships per year.

DSC_1928You can see the wharf in the photo below and the big brown mound is wood chips, and stacked beside them nearer the water is bundles of logs. These chips and logs go to China for processing.DSC_1929 We visited our Uncle and Aunt for lunch and then they kindly took us on a drive around to the spot where our uncle goes fishing. The weather wasn’t right for fishing that day so we just had a look. Here they are below with my husband and our no 2 son. We are at Shelly Beach look out.DSC_1948Here is a photo from the look out, you can’t see the beach from here but it is on the other side of the shrubs.

DSC_1947We then went to Bridgewater for a cool drink and no 2 son collected some shells, and then they took us to Cape Nelson Light House.

It is a very dangerous sea around this light house and as you can see below they have the cliff fenced off.
DSC_1949 We had a lovely drive and then we went to the fish and chip shop for tea. As we were waiting for it my husband found this huge Blue Fin Tuna in a fish waste skip.  DSC_1963They kindly agreed to pull it out so that I could get a photo of how big it was.
DSC_1964It was just as well I still had my cold because I couldn’t smell anything fishy.

That was our day out in Portland and we hope to go again and maybe pick a day when the fish are biting.

Blessings xxx


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