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You might notice by now that I like musicals and especially western based ones. Annie Get Your Gun was one I saw when I was just a youngster and then I found it again when I was older and we had our own children.

This story is about Frank Butler, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.


Annie is a sharp shooting, poor tomboy who with her younger siblings travel around shooting birds and selling them to boarding houses.

It is at one of these boarding houses that she gets offered a shooting match with Frank Butler who believes himself to be the best shot in the whole world.  Annie is enamoured with Frank from the moment she sets eyes on him.  Frank is rather big headed and can’t believe a girl can beat him.

Annie wins the contest and they invite her into the show to be the girl who hands Frank his guns and she does do a few shooting tricks as well.

Eventually her and Frank become closer and the management at the show get her to do a really big trick to help boost attendances which shows how good she is and of course Frank is upset and he leaves and joins up with Pawnee Bills Wild West Show – the opposition.

Eventually after a European tour Annie and the crew come back to New York and are invited to a big banquet with Pawnee Bill’s group. Both shows are broke and are relying on each other having enough money to pay all the bills and join the two shows together – to merge.

If you’ve seen the show this is where Frank and Annie see each other after months apart and declare their love for each other. This of course leads to another big argument about who is a better shot and leads into the song I Can Do Anything Better Than You.

If you don’t know the song it is a tit for tat about who can sing sweeter, who can bake better, basically if Frank says he can do it Annie says she can do it better.

NOW this is where we start to learn something.

Annie thinks she is better and probably she is a better shot, but she hasn’t worked out her role, her God given role.

They have a big bust up and then Annie challenges Frank to a shoot out to finally settle who is the best. She gives her $100,000 worth of medals as a bet and it is on.

They meet to have their shoot out and her adopted Indian Father mucks up the sights on Annie’s guns so that they don’t shoot right and of course she misses.

He knows that to win Frank Butler, Annie can’t win the match. Annie finally realises what is going on and concedes defeat and her and Frank float off into the sunset, happily together.

Sometimes we women are better at doing things than our husbands and that is okay, that isn’t the problem. It is how we handle these situations that are the issue.

We are not second best but God has created us especially to be helpmeets for our husbands, to use the giftings that only He has given us to honour our husbands and to be their support.

Marriage relationships aren’t about competing, they are about merging two people together in love and being there for each other, supporting each other within the order that God has placed us.

Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Ephesians 5:22
Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.

1 Peter 3:1
Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives.


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My husband was given a Gloxinia plant by a gentleman at our church over 12 years ago.


When it first arrived at our home I potted it up into the pot it is in now.  It has moved house with us 3 times and has lived on our window sills through the years.  It now resides on my kitchen window sill.  I haven’t dared to touch it again and put it into another pot in case I kill it.

This is the type of plant that grows beautifully during the spring and summer and then dies off to nothing during the winter.  We often think she has finished but low and behold up she grows again, year after year.

I don’t do anything with this plant, it is my husbands.  Now to set the record straight he is not an indoor plant type of person, this is his only one.

He waters it and tends it and calls it sweet names.  It is his Gloxy and his little sweetie.  He puts his used tea bags on the soil beneath her in the pot because he says she likes this and it helps her grow. He also puts sugar onto her soil to help sweeten her up and I really think it does.

When we first got her, she would have maybe one or two blooms, but over the years of his expert care she has given us more and more blooms each year.


Now you can see she has two blooms open and there are maybe 5 more to come.  She has really blossomed under my husbands loving hand.

She (Gloxy) reminds me of our marriage.  As I washed my dishes today and cleaned down my sink I looked at her and thought the she is just getting better with age and so is our marriage.

Each passing year of our lives our marriage and union just gets better and better.  We are both blooming under each others loving hand.  We love each other more now than ever and want to spend as much time together as we can.  We love working together on our projects and if it isn’t something that we are both into we always support each other and give encouragement.

We add a little sugar to each others lives and it really sweetens us up.  This sugar is tenderness, caring and just plain old fashioned love.

There are also times when we die back a bit, due to harsh words from tired mouths, but in forgiveness and repentance we bloom again.

May your marriage be blessed as you live together and bloom and grow.

PS:  This post is printed with my husbands permission.