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Now before you all go “how could she say that”  I actually me the -word FAT (not the other one).  DON’T MENTION THE WORD FAT, or chubby or well covered or whatever word you can think of that means overweight to our children.

We have been discussing our need to loose weight and get fitter lately and I have realised that we have been speaking about this around our No 2 daughter who is 9.

No 1 son, who works incredibly hard shearing has decided he wants to get fitter and lose some weight which is good for him to do. We have been talking about cutting out our carbs and cutting back on our sugar intake to help us along this journey.

We have been discussing this at the tea table and we have forgotten that our younger children have been listening.

We haven’t said that the younger ones need to do the same and we don’t believe they do, although I think we could all benefit from exercise and healthy eating, but definitely not for them in the weight loss arena.

I have now noticed No 2 daughter not wanting to eat bread and wanting to have more salads, now this is good but I am concerned about her underlying motivation.  She is only 9 and has no need to loose weight and they get plenty of exercise riding their bikes and running around outside.

I think we need to be careful how we talk around our children, “fat” should never be a word that we use to describe them or even our babies.

I was a chubby baby, a chubby toddler and you guessed it a chubby child.  I never seemed to loose the baby fat that I was born with. Now this is me, some people are born to be skinny and some aren’t.

Both my husband and myself come from families that carry extra weight.  It is a genetic trait – although this shouldn’t be an excuse.  So it goes to say that our children could possibly have the same genetics and will have to be aware of this at some stage in their lives. By feeding them healthy food and getting them to go out and run around is giving them good grounding for later in life.


I got my share of bullying at school because of my weight (although they didn’t call it bullying then) and children can be really mean. My mum was always on my back too about what I ate and about how much I ate and I don’t think she realised what damage she was doing.

I know that she didn’t mean the words to harm me but in the long run they did.  I grew up feeling that I wasn’t good enough and that I had to always work on how I looked.

As I have grown up I have realised that I am good at lots of things, but it still comes back to bite me about my body shape and I sometimes still feel insecure about it.

I don’t want our daughter to have the wrong idea about her body.  I want her to love herself and what God has given her.  I don’t want her to head into her adult life with baggage that just isn’t necessary, but I also want her to realise that her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and she needs to be aware of what she feeds that body and how she looks after it.

1 Corinthians 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Psalm 139:14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

So we are going to try to lose weight and get fitter and healthier but we are going to be careful when and how we discuss it.


If you want to see a great weight loss journey, pop over to Sunny Patch Cottage and see how Angie is going.  She is amazing and a great inspiration to me.


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