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I was going to write a post about loosing my “mojo” and for me that meant my motivation.

I have heard the word mojo bantered around about the place but this morning I thought I had better check that I was using a word that wasn’t inappropriate.


Well guess what??? It was.

I was a bit shocked to think that I had been using this word, without really realising what it meant.

Just type in “Meaning of Mojo” in the search engine and it will come up with enough meanings to put you off, well it did me.

Then this got me thinking of how innocently we use words and phrases that we hear without really thinking about it.

We become accustomed to what the world says that we hear these easy to use terms and they start to roll off our own tongues. They sound so trendy.

So instead of just using some catchy phrases to attract you all to my blog posts I am definitely going to check them out first.

I definitely don’t want you to think that I have lost my magic charm or sex appeal (mojo).



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