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What goes together better than mince, tomatoes and cheese?? These three ingredients are almost a staple here and we are blessed to have our own beef most of the time.DSC_1320

I was looking for something for tea the other night and enchiladas came to mind.  I actually have this “need” to make things from scratch, so I made the flat bread for this meal.  Sometimes this “need” is good, sometimes not.

The flat breads weren’t hard to make, but it did take a bit of time and I took my daughters advice and kept them warm so they wouldn’t crack.
DSC_1319I opened a jar of canned mince (ground beef) and a jar of tomatoes.  I put some tomatoes on the base of my casserole dish and then saved some for the top.

To assemble I just placed some mince on the flat bread and then rolled it up and placed it upside down in a casserole dish with the tomato on the bottom.  I continued this until all the flat breads and mince was all used up.

I then poured over some more tomatoes and then covered the top with grated cheese. I baked this in a moderate oven until all the cheese was brown – about 45 minutes.

Served with a fresh salad and some home made tzatziki this was a most delicious meal.

PS. My canned beef has already been cooked up with onion and seasonings.