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Our aquaponics system has been up and running for about 9 months now and it continues to improve. The fish are getting bigger so the manure output is enlarging, which then makes the vegetables grow better and quicker.

Our broccoli seedlings are booming ahead and the picture below shows them in early June.

Below is a picture of them now so you can see how they have grown and there are heaps of them.
DSC_1846We actually have one head forming already.DSC_1871The cauliflower seedlings haven’t been as prolific in germination or growth, but they do take longer to get to harvest than broccoli seedlings. These are still going well though.DSC_1847The silverbeet seedlings continue to produce and I pick the leaves off these at least weekly and they continue to thrive.

The pat choi seedlings are growing well, although there is some yellowing of the leaves. This maybe shows they are getting quite enough nutrients at the moment.DSC_1851Our tomato seedling is still growing and is now flowering, although some of the bottom leaves are dying off.  Hopefully it will continue to thrive as the fish grow bigger and we can harvest some lovely ripe tomatoes. This coming season we will grow our bulk tomatoes in a hot house in the dirt but we hope to grow our heirloom ones in the aquaponic system.DSC_1875Our english spinach continues to grow although it is very slow. I suppose this is better than it not growing at all. These seedlings look really healthy too. DSC_1852I grew some celery from the bottom of one in a bowl of water until it had some shoots on top and then I planted it in the gravel. It has really taken off and I have another one on my window sill that I will plant this coming weekend. I usually just pick off the stalks I want to use and I never harvest a whole plant, this keeps the whole system working better.DSC_1849I sprinkled some carrot seed over half a bed and it is coming up well, it will be interesting to see how this goes.
DSC_1874If you look closely you can see the fish at the bottom of the tank.DSC_1855The sweet potatoes didn’t work and I did a bit more reading up about them and it says that they don’t like a lot of water, so that is probably why they aren’t growing properly. We will put some in straw beds either in this hothouse or the other one in a month or so.

Okay that’s it for our update now, I will keep you posted.

Blessings to you all.


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