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The plastic is finally on the hothouse and it is getting to be a nice warm environment in there, which should be good for the fish.


When our son-in-law was down over the Easter period they got into it and put it on. It took the three of them to do it, and the help was much appreciated.
DSC_1196Can you see the rectangle behind my husband? This will eventually be a window that we can open in the summer so that it won’t get too hot and I will be able to step into it without my glasses fogging up all the time :-).

Below is the entry to the hothouse. We have butted it against the back wall of our workshop which has a verandah on it. This has given us a nice dry entry and a beautiful yellow rose on the edge.


We have had some pump issues and are trying to get a replacement on the more dearer one that we bought, so hopefully that will be sorted.

We have moved the little fish into a bigger tank and if we counted right we hadn’t lost too many.

Now onto some of the vegetables.

Below are the sweet potato shoots that we grew off our sweet potatoes. I think there is about 13 or 14 or them. If you want to see how we did that go here.


Here they are planted. They look really good.


The lettuces are still going well but growing slowly. They haven’t died off at all and look good.


The beetroot is going great guns and I hope that the growth beneath looks as good as the growth on top.


The silverbeet is going well too and I am going to thin them out shortly.


Our tomatoes that we planted have come and gone and come again. One has a tomato on it and the other is dying off.  They have been doing this often, so hopefully it will come back again.

Overall it is going well. It will be good to see how it goes now with the plastic on and the fish growing bigger – and producing more manure. They say it can take 12 months to really get the system working properly.

There is a lot of trial and error involved in this operation and we are learning quite a lot as we go.

Another update shortly….