I have just spent the day with a couple of friends spinning wool.  We call it our spinning day and it happens a couple of times a year. Usually, during the holidays, we take our children and they have a good time together, today mine stayed home with Dad and the others were at school.


Now I enjoy these days to a certain extent.  Let me explain – I love spinning wool, I enjoy it and it is a bit of a passion.  I mainly enjoy the company of my friends, I enjoy nattering away while we spin or knit, but I don’t like the way my friends disrespect their husbands or men in general.

I love my husband (see here) and I try with all my being to respect him especially when I talk about him.

In my bible in Genesis 1:27 God says that he created man in His image, if this is the case (and it definitely is) why would I say things about my man that weren’t respectful.

You know how it goes, you hear it just about everywhere you go:

  • I can do that better than any man;
  • Men just don’t understand;
  • Men don’t have any common sense;
  • My man just dragged a heap of dirt inside and I had to clean it up;
  • How many men does it take to screw in a light globe…

and so on and so on – I think you get the idea!!

It just breaks my heart to hear them talk about their husbands like that especially when it is something I try so hard not to do.

Now my problem is do I say something or not.  I really should say something to encourage them to stop but I find this so difficult so maybe I am guilty of the same thing because I don’t stop it.  

Please Lord help me to stand up and say something, help me find the right words.

Let us remember who we are talking about, and who created them in His own image.

Let us bless the men in our lives whether our husbands, brothers, fathers or sons.

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24 thoughts on “RESPECT YOUR MAN”

  1. This is a hard thing! The comments are so common from so many women. I especially find it hard when they come from older Christian woman who I look up to for guidance and teaching.
    They often seem to come from the women who jump the highest when a comment is made putting womanhood down too… really sad! Even sadder is how easy it is to be pulled into it ourselves and to dishonour our honourable men along with them.
    Thank you Mum for always being a godly example of a woman honouring her husband as unto the Lord. xxx

  2. This is the post that tipped me off! Jacinta asked me to go to a spinning day and said that one of the ladies was a homeschooler. Is that this day?!
    And I think you know my dear homeschooling friend Tammy?
    Or maybe I am barking up the wrong tree all together?!

  3. As a mother of 5 sons, I so love your message. We need to treat our sons like knights in training like we treat our daughters like princesses. My husband is an wonderful – and it is sad how so many people don’t like to hear that!

  4. This is so very important, and you are right that so many people fall into the trap of discouraging speech. My best advise is to be a positive voice, speaking of your husband in appreciative and encouraging words. They will get the message that you don’t want to participate in this kind of speech, and it is likely to make a strong impression on them. Thank you for linking at Unforced Rhythms.

  5. As a husband, I know I’m nobody’s hero…but that knowledge does not bring distress.

    My wife is human, and a product of her time, her place of upbringing, and her family. I can understand where the lapses in respect come from.

    The important thing is that I respect myself; only then can I respect my wife, and shrug off the slights which I know are not a product of her true heart.

  6. I’ve found that asking questions that lead people to their own realizations is sometimes the most helpful way of gently offering them opportunity to see their husbands in a different light.

  7. Oh my gosh this is SUCH an important point! Thank you for posting this – it needs to be said more! One of the things I find works is to respond with ‘Aww, I’m sure he’s trying to do his best!’ or something similar – it stops them from bashing but isn’t too harsh of a corrective and comes across (I hope!) as kind and compassionate toward them as well! 🙂 Great post!!

  8. This is such an important subject. Women in our culture simply disrespect their husbands with very little thought. It is so sad! We need to never tear our husbands down, but most especially in front of others. In Proverbs31 it talks about the husband being know in the gates. We have the ability to build up our husbands or to destroy them with our actions and words.
    My pastors wife once shared, “be careful about sharing that your husband is a ‘rat’ in his behavior. You being a good Christian wife will go on to forgive and love him… But to us, he will forever be a rat.”
    We desire that our husbands be strong, loving, godly leaders of our homes. We need to never destroy their reputations!

    1. Thanks for your comment Bekki. Your pastors wife’s comment is so true, how often have women told us about their husbands and they forget but we don’t. Hope you have a great week. Blessings

  9. I think some women often have a different view with men because of their awful experiences from men in the past. So, I think respect from both sides is really important. This really is a thought provoking article. Thanks so much for sharing your views. 🙂

    1. You are so right, it is about respect and respect for each other, and yes we do seem to treat people depending on past experiences which is understandable in some situations. Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to visit. blessings

  10. You’ve shared some important and convicting thoughts here! I think you would be surprised by the strength of silence; it can send a much stronger and more convicting message than words sometimes. Stay strong in your conviction to not utter negative words about your husband, and stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading about whether you should say more. He will surely guide you, and grant you the boldness and the words you need! I’m glad you linked up with Grace & Truth. 🙂

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