I am not really a gardener, it is something I do because I have to not because I have a passion for it.  I would much rather be inside knitting, or sewing or quilting. That is why I enjoy winter so much because I have a great excuse to be inside because of the wet and cold.

Recently I wanted to beautify our back verandah so my husband put up these boxes we purchased at a clearing sale (a sale farmers have when they have sold their property and want to get rid of stuff they don’t want to take with them.  They sell it all via an auction).IMG_0829[1]

These boxes were made by the farmer we bought them from for keeping his beer bottles in.IMG_0830[1]

I originally wanted to put herbs in them but they didn’t get enough sunlight so I asked my mother-in-law if I could have some succulent cuttings to put in them.  Now I am not a succulent person but I am really impressed with how these look and they are growing well. So maybe I am a succulent person.


We also have this beautiful tree that flowers outside our kitchen window.  I am not sure of the technical name but the blooms are called angel trumpets.  This tree is highly poisonous to animals but it is very pretty.


Here is another succulent that I got, I’m not sure of the name but the little flowers are lovely.  This pot is by our back door, next to our wood basket.


I am definitely a rose person.  I really love roses and here is a bloom on a bush out the front of our house. It is actually a deep red.IMG_0850[1]So that’s a snap shot into our summer garden, thanks for stopping by.

Do you like succulents??? What do you grow in your summer garden???


8 thoughts on “OUR SUMMER BLOOMS”

  1. I miss gardening! In a couple of months we can start planting, and really looking forward to it! 🙂

    Your plants look very nice! LOVE the rose! 🙂 And hubby has been wanting the angel trumpets, but not sure where to put them.

    We have a cactus under one of our trees, one of the few that grow well in our climate. It grows among mint also planted around the tree, and was a pleasant surprise finding it last spring. This is our second spring in this house, and getting a good feel as to what to plant this year. I still have the dead plants to pull from last year and pots to empty out. I hope to put out a lot more herbs this year, for us and also to dry and send to our missionary friend in Japan.

    1. You are absolutely amazing that’s fantastic that you send dried herbs to your friend in Japan. Roses would have to be my favourite but I must admit I am enjoying the succulents. Thanks for commenting, I know how busy you are and I really appreciate it. Blessings

    1. Thank you so much Constance for your comment. Your farm sounds like a lot of hard work, we do grow some wheat and barley and oats through the year, but not huge amounts. Blessings

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