Today I want to tell you about our No 1 son.  He is 19 years old now and he is a wonderful young man.


They say that young ladies should look at how a prospective husband treats his mother before they make their decision.  If this was the case my son would be the best choice.

He is loving, caring, considerate and generous both with his time and his money.  He is always willing to help me around the house and actually got a bit miffed at me the other day for mopping the floor for him because he said it was his job.

He hasn’t always been easy to deal with and had a difficult period before he turned 13.  When we  have talked about some situations that occurred he actually said that those weren’t his finest moments!!! God is so gracious and merciful.

I used to be concerned about how he would turn out but somehow I knew deep down that God would lead him in the right direction, and now I marvel at the truth of that.  We kept on with his training and discipline and education at home.  We kept him away from bad influences and we kept together as a family so that we could walk through situations with him, explaining, teaching and correcting as we went.

Now he is an adult and we still lead him and give him advice, but we step back now and let him make his own decisions, always being there for him when he needs us, and he has stepped up being there for us as well.

He works as a shearer now and is employed around the district by numerous landholders.  We are so pleased with how he handles himself in the wool sheds when he works and (because he is young) how he takes the ribbing that comes with the trade.

I will really miss him when he gets married and moves to a home of his own.  I pray that God will give him a Godly wife whom we can love and welcome into our family.  I also pray that we will allow him to leave and cleave so that his wife becomes the most important person in his life.

For now he is still here at home growing, learning and striving to be the best person and shearer he can be.

To God be the glory great things he hath done.

A wise son makes a father glad,  but a foolish man despises his mother.  Proverbs 15:20



A shearer is a man that shears the fleece off a sheep.  We live in a grazing area which is predominately sheep and the sheep we have here need to be shorn at least once a year.  It is still a strenuous job and is tough. like the men who have to do it.  There aren’t too many young men who want to take up this occupation because of the work involved.


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