Do you have moments in your life that you wish you could erase???


I do!!!  There have been times when I immediately wished I could take the words or actions back.  Other times it is years later that moments come back to me and I really cringe.

Sometimes I wonder whether I need to go to that person and apologise for something I’ve said or done and sometimes I do.

Why do these moments come back to our memory when we at least expect them or want them too?

I believe these moments are challenging and encouraging us in our journey with God, and also our journey of repentance as well.

If we put aside our cringing feelings we might see how what we said or did has affected others.  Most times these things have not been said or done out of spite.  On my part I put it down to true thoughtlessness, with my mouth working before my brain. This is something I constantly have to work on.

Sometimes I find the memory of these moments encouraging as I know that it was something that I did in my past and I wouldn’t do that now, maybe they show growth and maturity!!

It would be great if we could just press a button and erase these moments in time, but that would be the easy way out and often growth and maturity doesn’t come easy, and I don’t want to inhibit God and our journey together.  I don’t want to inhibit His lessons in my life. (although at the time it isn’t enjoyable)

I pray that God will continue to bring these moments in time back to my memory for whatever reasons He has.  I pray that He continues to work in my life and continues to guide me in my journey of growth and maturity.


How have your moments in time helped you???

10 thoughts on “MOMENTS IN TIME”

  1. It is encouraging how no experience in our past is wasted with God. He uses all the memories and experiences to form us into more of His character. I often forget about that awesome redeeming grace!
    Love you Mum!

  2. I read today that all of our experiences are like rungs in the ladder of our spiritual climb. Whether the rung is built by triumph or pain, joy or sorrow, courage or fear just step on the rung and move up without ever giving the rung another thought. How challenging!
    Loved your article…

  3. Love the thought of our regrettable past moments being a reminder of how much we’ve grown because we wouldn’t do it now. Not really though of it like that – thank you for sharing on Essential Fridays 🙂

  4. How I wish life had a ‘reset’ button! So many moments I’d love to do over. But, then I wouldn’t have learned that particular lesson. My husband watched our little boy get into an ant pile yesterday. He and friend were poking sticks in the pile as boys will do. My husband wanted to stop him, warn him that the ants would sting – but then realized this is a lesson we all have to learn. My boy did indeed get ant bites, but also learned a valuable lesson.

    1. Hi Kathryn, your boy sounds like my youngest boy. It’s tough to watch them learn and grow sometimes, but you are so right that some lessons are valuable. Thank you for your comment. Blessings

  5. Oh, yes! I have said things I have regretted. I am so thankful that my friends are forgiving and understanding. And I am grateful that God pursues conversation with me about what I have done wrong so I can avoid it in the future! So glad you linked with SDG!

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