What do you say to someone when they compliment you??? Do you just say thank you and leave it at that.


I was blessed to be able to make our granddaughters first birthday cake and my No 2 daughter was able to give me a hand. We had fun, and it wasn’t toooo much stress!!!!

As I was working on it I started to think about what people would think about it and I was convicted to make sure that I just said thank you and not say thank you and then go on about how it could have been better or neater or anything else that I could think of.

Maybe someone compliments us on how we look and we return that compliment with a “this old thing” or “I just couldn’t get my hair right this morning”.

See that’s what I seem to do, I pay back compliments with a negative. Really should I be doing this???

Well of course not, I should just accept the compliment and maybe even I could say that God has really blessed me and helped me do this or that.

What am I teaching our children?? Am I teaching them that when I tell they have done a great job, that I am really wanting them to think negatively and  feel that they could have done better.

I don’t want them thinking that I want them to just accept the compliment reward those people with a smile and be comforted to know that someone noticed how well they have done.

So next time when someone gives me a compliment I am just going to say thank you and leave it at that and hopefully that person will be blessed as well.


Proverbs 15:23 A man has joy in an apt answer, And how delightful is a timely word!


36 thoughts on “JUST SAY THANK YOU…”

  1. Oh, my…I have trouble with this, too. I don’t know why I can’t just take a compliment, say thank you, and move on. I am doing a bit better with it than I used to. I think maybe it comes with age and maturing and just realizing that it really doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as we have done our best. What more can we do? Thank you for this wonderful post. Love you, sweet friend. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cheryl for your comment and seems we are the same. You are right though the most important think is to try our best. Love to you too dear friend and your family. Blessings

  2. Terri, you gave me a good laugh this morning because I struggle with this too. I had an occasion to be with my daughter and she did something nice for me and I began to stutter and stammer and her words to me were – “just say thank you, mom.” Out of the mouths of babes (even if they are 33 years old LOL) Blessings !!

  3. I have a hard time with this. I tend to be pretty hard on myself so accepting compliments goes against that. I am really trying a lot harder to be gracious and to take them in the way they are meant.

    1. Thank you Stacey for sharing your heart with us. I agree when we have low self esteem or critical of ourselves it is very hard to accept compliments. I even find it hard when my husband says I’m beautiful to so thank you instead of “no I’m not”. Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you.

  4. The struggle is REAL! It’s crazy how hard it is for us to simply accept a compliment. I’ve been working on this for a while, but I’d never thought of it in terms of what I was inadvertently teaching my children. Boy, does that put things into perspective! Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom-packed post with us at Coffee and Conversation.

    1. You are so right Candy the struggle is real and we really need to work on it, I like you have been working on it for while but still struggle. Thank you so much for sharing you thoughts with us and for stopping by. Thanks and blessings to you and yours.

  5. Yes! This makes so much sense. 🙂 I’m probably about half and half, depending on what mood I’m in and whether or not I’m preoccupied. But I think we all should just say “Thank you.” Stopping by from Wholehearted Wednesday.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and I am probably about the same, like you it could depend on my mood. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great week. Blessings

  6. This is a lesson a learned from a flute teacher when I was in junior high. I think it was one of the most valuable things she taught me. She heard me say something negative about my playing after someone complimented me and she took me aside and said: Never do that again. She explained that when someone pays you a compliment, it is a good thing – don’t ruin it. That teacher is no longer with us but that nugget of wisdom (and many others) remain with me to this day! I found you on the #coffeeandconversation link up. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for sharing your thoughts with us. What a wonderful wise teacher she must have been and such a blessing. What she said was exactly right. Thanks again and I am glad you stopped by. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Betty, sometimes by just saying thank you we bless someone a great deal. You are right we don’t realise what it means to someone else when we say thanks. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend. Blessings

  7. Thank you! : ) Haha.

    I definitely tend to follow up my “thank-yous” with “buts” and this is so true. Such good points! Blessings from a #Faith-Filled Friday neighbor!

  8. I have had trouble with this as well. Years ago, someone pointed it out to me & I have never forgotten it. Now when complimented, I catch myself when going to make excuses & just say, “thank you”. I am glad to have been reminded again this morning 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You’ve shone a spotlight on a very common problem. We’re so obsessed with not coming across as prideful that we wind up presenting false humility. Self-consciousness is just pride in disguise! Thank you for sharing this food for thought – I’m glad you linked up with us at Grace & Truth. 🙂

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