Internet issues

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry but due ┬áto terrible internet issues I’m not going to be able to do a link up this week, and next week we’re ┬ábusy with our bi-annual butchery session. I’ll just have to say, I’ll see you in a couple weeks and I’ll hopefully be able to get the internet sorted by then.

I’m praying that God will bless you all and that he’s with you and that you’re feeling his presence with you daily.

God bless you my friends xxx

One thought on “Internet issues”

  1. Internet problems can certainly be a struggle at times. Does it make it worse that you live in a rural area? For us it does, although we are only about 6-7 miles from town. We live on a road with no outlet and few houses, so the phone company has no motivation to upgrade or improve their lines.

    I hope the butchering went well.

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