If you have read my aquaponics update you would know that our yabbies have had babies.

Below is a photo of the eggs on the yabby.  It is quite amazing how this happens and I have never seen this before.  We have over 40 yabbies in our tanks helping to keep the tanks clean and providing us with the odd meal or two.


Here is a photo of the babies hatched but still on the mother.  They look a bit like maggots but are exactly like a big yabby except smaller.


I tried to get a photo of our baby yabbies but they were just too small.  Below is a picture of a bit bigger one, and this is exactly how the small ones look. The small ones are the size of two pin heads but look exactly like the one below.


Now the point of this post isn’t to educate you on our yabbies – but if it does that’s okay.

This post is to remind us of the awesomeness of God’s creation. Even as a Christian, brought up in a Christian home and educated in God’s creation, I am still mystified and awe inspired by how God created things.

In Genesis it states that God said… and it was created.  He just spoke, just think about that, all he did was speak and it was created.

How can anyone think that this just happened,  or came out of a big bang or dragged itself out of a slime pit.

How can anyone NOT be a believer, just because of this.

Revelation 4:11 “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.”

John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible

PS: This is just the yabby I am talking about there are heaps more things just on our little farm that prove to me that God created everything.


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29 thoughts on “HOW COULD YOU NOT BELIEVE”

  1. Amen 🙂 The complexity of design is amazing and without all the pieces there and working, right from the start, there would be no life. I really like a video called, “God of Wonders”. It’s very well done if you’ve never seen it I think you would enjoy it. Even my little 2 year old nephews will sit and watch it.

    Also, there are some excellent videos by , “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” and “The Privileged Planet”. Those two are my favorites from their collection. All are excellent homeschooling tools.

  2. Stopping by from Titus 2 Tuesday. I agree that life is amazing and one of the major evidences I see that there is a God who orders all things…

    However, I’m hesitant to make fun of evolutionary theory by reducing it to something “dragging itself out of a slime pit.” It’s a complex theory and how do we know that God didn’t somehow use evolution or something like it as part of His grand design for how we all came to be here? (Also, it’s only fair not to oversimplify the theory of evolution unless you also want critics to do the same to creationism – i.e: “We were all created by a flying spaghetti monster who waved his wand and – POOF – everything appeared.”)

    Just my two cents…

    1. Thanks Jenny for your comment and for taking the time to share your thoughts we me. I’m sorry if you thought I was making fun of evolution – that wasn’t my intention, however I believe that it is actually quite simple and that evolution is just mans theory. No where in Gods word does he mention it and the fact that the beginning of the Bible starts with God’s creation of all things – there is no room for evolution. If it is too simple to just believe what Gods word says then I am fine with being simple :-). Once again thanks for taking the time to comment and may you be blessed this week.

  3. Love this post, so refreshing, especially this quote, “This post is to remind us of the awesomeness of God’s creation.” Great reminder…so glad you shared this. Many blessings to you and your sweet family!

  4. Amen! I raise monarch butterflies and it still perplexes me that it’s the 4th and 5th generation butterfly that makes the almost 3,000 miles trip back to Mexico, to a place it has never been! That and about a million other things on a daily basis I see in nature.

    I have to say that I have never heard of a yabby before so I had to google it. I live on the gulf coast of Texas and we call them crawfish. Don’t know if they are the same thing but they look similar. Loved the photos!

    1. Hi Kim, I agree we don’t have to go too far to see the awesomeness of Gods creation but those butterflies sound amazing. I’m not sure what a crawfish is so I will have to look it up as well. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. Blessings

  5. Amen. It’s so inconceivable that a bang from nothing started everything. Could the bang be God? He started it, because nothing can’t start anything. Anyway, those yabbies are pretty cool. I had no idea the babies did that.

  6. Amen and GREAT pics! Even though the intent was not to educate on Yabbies, I’d never heard of such a thing and these pics are COOL. I’m sharing in a Homeschool group and may take the day to do research with my kids to find out more! Thank you! Coming from Grace and Truth Link up!

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