Good morning and welcome back to our weekly link up. I hope you all have had a good week and I am glad to be back after our weeks break.

My husband took me to the lovely town of Warrnambool to an apartment. It was quite wet but we really didn’t mind because it was just great relaxing and doing not much of anything.


This is the inside of the resort from the car park. The units are quite nifty and painted and built to look like beach shacks. They are lovely and neat inside.  There is a day spa attached to the resort as well but we didn’t go there.

They had a great buffet breakfast which we had the two mornings we were there and we ate up which meant we didn’t need too much food for the rest of the day. We definitely know how to holiday on a budget.

My husband enjoying his buffet breakfast.
Our son-in-law and daughter looked after our younger two children and their older brother took them up there on the Saturday.  He then headed off again on his work travels and he won’t be home for a month.

A mother / son selfie before he left.
It was an emotional farewell again and we had a wonderful week together even though he had to work. We spent the nights talking and sharing and it was great. As I said he will be back in a month and then we will be celebrating his 21st birthday. They grow up so quickly. We are having a pig and sheep on the spit and a clay bird shoot, so it should be a fun night – hopefully it doesn’t rain.

I managed to get some more tomatoes processed before I left and did another 8 bottles. Our son-in-law and daughter also blessed us with a box of carrots that they had grown and I managed to get the whole box dehydrated.

I grated them before drying and they went really well. I can now use them in soups and stews and cakes. I re-hydrated some for a casserole and they came back really well. I am amazed at how well this system works, and I am enjoying using it.

Re-hydrated carrot and zucchini.
I finished the cardigan I was knitting for our oldest granddaughter for her birthday. I was a week late but I think she was okay with that. I finished it while we were away and it turned out very nicely and fits her really well.


I am now finishing a vest I started last year for no 2 son and have started on the front after finishing the back.

This weekend my daughters and I catered for our aunts 70th birthday. She had a BBQ and hot vegetables.  It went really well and she had a great time. Our No 1 daughter made her a crockenbush cake and it was magnificent and delicious.


We are moving our son’s bedroom up into our top room which is a really large room with all my sewing stuff, quilting frame and a heap of junk. This is a big job both cleaning up their bedroom and my area. I hope this means that I can keep all my sewing stuff in the cupboards and it will be able to be kept more contained. At the moment there is no cupboards and there are heaps of plastic crates.

It is turning out to be a bigger job than I thought but once it is done it will be good. I am hoping to finish it next week, but we will see.

Okay onto our link up…

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Thank you everyone for stopping by and linking up. I know that I haven’t been as active as I should be on this blog and I am struggling to get to it each week but please don’t desert me. I so appreciate everyone of you and the time that you take by stopping by here and linking up and encouraging me with your kind words. This means so much to me and to my husband, you are all such a blessing.

Well, what’s on this next week, I hear you ask??!!!

My husband’s fatherhood course is still going and he will be off to that on Monday night.

I will be schooling the children and finishing off the room moves and getting my sewing room up and sorted.

The children’s eisteddfod is in 5 weeks so piano practice will definitely need to happen and we will also have violin lessons again on Wednesday.

We are starting to clean up around the house for our son’s birthday party and I am starting to plan that all in my mind at the moment. After this coming week I will start writing things down.

My husband is off next weekend to do the training to run this Fathers course himself. There are 4 men from around here going and they fly out on Friday afternoon and get back late Sunday night.

I’m not very keen (and neither are the children) about him being away for two nights and we all miss him terribly but it is so important that men are trained to be the best husbands and fathers they can be.

I think of you all often and I pray that you are all well and that God is working in your hearts and lives.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all dear friends xxxx

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  1. My Dearest One,
    I’m so surprised, overjoyed, honoured by your feature, you truly make my day !
    I’m so grateful to you, you cannot imagine how much …Thank you for another heartwarming post of yours, as well, to be here is always a delight to me !

    Hope your week is off to a lovely start I wish you much love for your days to come, may they be filled with joy and wonder, thank you again

    Daniela at – My little old world –

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