Hey there everyone, it is so good to welcome you all back to another Good Morning Mondays Link Up.

How was your week?? Did you achieve all that you had on your lists???

Well what did we get up to I hear you ask???

My husband went to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon for the Gideon’s Bible Blitz and the reports are that between all involved they managed to hand out 20,000 scriptures in two days.  My husband always comes home with interesting stories and although he found this year harder it was well worthwhile going.  Thank you to those of you who prayed for this event, the seeds are now sown and we can continue to pray that the seeds have fallen onto good soil.

Matthew 13:8 Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop–a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.

We all missed him while he was away and it was so good when he got home. He was tired though so we didn’t make it to our Tuesday night study this week, but that was okay, we will get there next time.

Wednesday we decided to have a day together and it was warm enough to take the children to the beach before their violin lessons.

They had a great time splashing around even though the tide was out and there weren’t any waves. Then we went for lunch and then headed for lessons. They are now practising their long bows on the violin and will continue with this until next Wednesday.


I have been busy dehydrating zucchini and I almost have enough tomatoes to do a batch to bottle. We have been enjoying fresh corn as well. It is so delicious and a wonderful addition to our meals. The cobs are nice and big and I am going to start preserving some this coming week.

DSC_2318As you can see below the corn crop is rather large so hopefully it doesn’t all ripen at once.DSC_2311I had some excess cucumbers so I decided to make pickled cucumbers. They were really easy and taste quite good. We opened a bottle to make sure they tasted okay. Next time I will be a bit lighter on the peppercorns, but they are still good. Pickled cucumbers is one of my husbands favourite food, and I really like making the things he enjoys.DSC_2327While my husband was away it was our job to keep an eye on our pigs. Two of our sows are just about ready to give birth and we have been making sure they are okay. You can see from the picture of them below that they are starting to get really big in the belly. DSC_2316So we had lots of trips up the fire break to the corner of the paddock to make sure they were all right. The children love riding their bikes up there and they also love getting the trucks to toot their horns, it always makes me smile when I hear them.

Friday night we went out for tea as a family as we had to go to town. This is something we haven’t done for ages and we had a lovely time. On the way home we stopped in to see Mr and Mrs H and caught up with all their news.

Saturday was the usual music lessons and grocery shopping, we also stopped in and visited my husband’s parents for a short time and had a cuppa with them.

Saturday afternoon some friends visited us and we had a lovely time catching up with all that they have been doing. Even though these friends only live 15 kms away we rarely see them, it has probably been at least 6 months. They have three children and theirs and ours had a lovely time playing together for a couple of hours.

Sunday we went to a friends church near Warrnambool and then caught up with some other homeschooling families for lunch. There was a family visiting from Perth that we met at our conference, so it was good to catch up with them again.

What a blessing to be able to get together with our friends, the ones we see a lot and the ones we don’t.

Well that was our week, so onto our link up…

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Thank you again to all of you for taking the time to link up, I hope you were blessed.

What’s on your agenda this week????

I am going to concentrate on preserving and drying our corn and apples this week. I will probably also continue drying zucchini and I may even make some more pickles.

We will focus on piano, violin and Bible this week and if there is time for more we will do it. I need to focus on the preserving but we don’t want to stop schooling totally.

Violin lessons will be on Wednesday afternoon and that will probably be the only time I go out during the week. Music again next weekend and church of course.

My husband has heaps of work on and a few jobs in the queue. This is such a blessing because this is usually our quiet time of the year. He hopes to finish one job on Monday and move onto another one by Tuesday but we will see.

We are still milking daily and I hope when our next cow calves I can get back into making cheese. I haven’t made any since I broke my leg and we have given away all of the newer cheeses. The only ones left are about 12 months old and they will be very strong and only to be opened at own risk :-).

Well that’s my news for the week, I look forward to hearing from you all.

May you be blessed and feel God’s presence in your daily lives.

Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

Blessings to you all dear friends xxxx

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24 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #67”

  1. I cannot believe my eyes, I am amongst last week features, I’m truly honoured and so overjoyed, my dearest, sweetest friend, I wholeheartedly thank you !

    This morning I’m sharing two posts which I hope you and your readers will also enjoy … they talks about Spring in Northern Italy and about to be grateful, always !

    Sending blessings on your new week, I wish you a most beautiful day, today , and joyous days to come, dearie,
    sending much, so much love to you, with boundless gratitude


    1. Hey Laura, lovely to hear from you. Yes I agree the pigs did look like they were posing, one of them has had her piglets this week, just waiting for the other one now. Blessings dear friend.

  2. What a lovely picture of your children playing their violins, and great to see all your produce! Hope you are up to making cheese soon, and glad to hear that you are able to get out and about on the farm 🙂

      1. Thanks Teri, we are getting there! I am hoping that it might be warm enough to plant things out in my polytunnel soon, but I won’t make the same mistake as last year, and plant things out in the garden for a long time yet! Hope you’ve had a blessed week, x.

  3. Thanks for hosting and sharing all your news. I’m not sure I have what it takes to do all that you do! But I do love reading about your life. I have to admit it makes me yearn for a simpler time myself. Many blessings!

  4. I’ve missed coming here! You sound like you’ve been very busy with the harvest and tending all the yummy veggies 🙂 Isn’t it fun this time of year there getting everything in and preserved?? Here, we are seeing signs of green, with irises and lilies just peeking up and daffodils putting on bloom. We’re getting ready for spring vacation at the end of the week, and started with tilling in the garden and clearing left over leaves from the fall/winter in the yard.

    (((hugs))) from Kansas!

    1. Hey Angie, it is so lovely to hear from you, I so often think about you and your family and wonder how you are going. It is a great time of the year, putting away our harvest, but I must admit I am looking forward to some cooler weather. March can be the hottest month here and it has been warm and humid. Enjoy your spring vacation, blessings to you and yours and lots of hugs. xxxx

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